11 Benefits of TRX Rows

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When you start your fitness journey, you will quickly learn about the wide variety of available equipment. Fitness equipment can be intimidating. It ranges from free-range equipment such as dumbbells to cable machines with a bunch of attachments. It also includes cardio equipment such as treadmills and stair masters. 

One popular choice that gives total body training is the TRX suspension trainer. TRX stands for “Total Body Resistance Exercise.” The TRX tool is an excellent suspension trainer that’s good for achieving a full-body workout. It utilizes resistance bands with specialty straps. So, where did it come from? 

History of TRX

Rope training has been used since the 1800s. While some may still utilize basic rope training, the concept has transformed significantly since its inception. Athlete Randy Hetrick created the beginnings of the TRX training program while serving as a Navy SEAL officer. In 1997, Hetrick needed a way to train specific muscle groups while on a mission in Southeast Asia. He used a Jiu-Jitsu belt and evolved it into an effective method to assist in resistance-based muscle training. The original Jiu-Jitsu belt product has changed to become part of the global fitness program that is the TRX suspension trainer, officially founded by Hetrick in 2004. What was once a part of a uniform is now a band used to create bodyweight resistance, and today’s versions are the TRX suspension bands. NASM-certified personal trainer Asia Bradlee explains, “They’re suspended from a single point, usually on the ceiling or a secure bar, but the real workout begins when you start leaning away from that point. When you lean away, your body is forced to balance.” The total body resistance exercise uses your body weight to create muscle activation and build strength. TRX provides a great workout for beginners and experienced athletes.  

The TRX brand has developed greatly since the idea originated in 1997 and now holds more than 30 patents and generates more than 70 million dollars in annual revenue. The brand boasts its efficiency, versatility, and effectiveness. TRX training is something you can do anywhere, and it is a great option for your fitness routine. 

What Is a TRX Row?

A TRX row is a total body resistance exercise done with the assistance of a band or “trainer.” This move is also known as a suspension row and requires you to move your body in a rowing motion to activate muscles in your back, shoulders, arms, and core.

How to Do a TRX Row

To start, you will need your TRX band secured to a specific spot. The spot you choose can be a door frame, monkey bars, etc. Determine the length of the straps you need based on your height. Grab both of the straps and handles as you begin to lean back until there is tension in the straps. This is your starting position. Your body should be in a vertical plank position. With your palms facing each other, pull your body up toward the straps. Keep your shoulder blades back and down, and engage your core. Once you have reached the closest position to the strap handles, lower your body back down. This is one rep. You may need to adjust your feet if the move is either too easy or too hard.  

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11 Benefits of a TRX Row 

A TRX Row is an excellent strength training method. There are many benefits to TRX rows. Here are the top eleven. 

1. Versatility

The full TRX workout program, including the TRX row, is extremely versatile. No matter what part of your body you want to focus on, there is a move for you. Many personal trainers and coaches use TRX rows as part of their strength and conditioning workouts. A TRX row is a great exercise if you are a baseball player, golfer, or just someone looking to improve their strength. It is a versatile move because there are many different variations and alternatives. For example, you can complete a TRX High row by using an overhand grip. You can also do an inverted TRX row by keeping your feet elevated throughout the movement. A TRX low row helps you to improve posture by shortening the suspension trainer and keeping your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. The straps and simplicity of this product are what help to make it so versatile and are a great choice for your workout!

2. Builds Strength and Flexibility 

TRX rows provide an opportunity to build strength and flexibility without the use of traditional weights. Ebenezer Samuel from Men’s Health states, “[T]he row isn’t just building your back; it’s also building flexibility throughout your back at the same time while challenging your core.” Suspension training requires your body’s stabilizing muscles to engage in completing each exercise. This helps you to build overall strength. The straps create a way for you to get the maximum stretch on every rep you complete, increasing your flexibility. If you stick to only free weights or machines, you will not get the same effects. Building strength and flexibility also improves your posture and overall athletic ability. It is also effective in helping to prevent injury. Building muscle is a great way to protect your body by ensuring your body stays in proper alignment when under impact. A TRX workout is perfect for building functional strength and flexibility. 

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3. Full Body Workout 

TRX rows are a full-body workout. Resistance training can work with a variety of muscle groups. Specifically, the TRX row will work your latissimus dorsi (lats), rhomboid major and minor, upper, mid, and lower trapezius (traps), shoulders, arms, and abdominals. The TRX suspension trainer allows you to focus on muscle activation, core muscles, and functional strength. TRX allows you to get a total body workout quickly and efficiently with limited equipment. Work on your TRX rows for a great full-body workout.       

4. Core-Focus

A solid TRX workout is also known for building your core. Each move you complete requires you to keep your core activated at all times. From a TRX chest press to a TRX row, your body will need core stabilization to complete each exercise. Many core exercises, such as crunches and sit-ups, can cause low back pain. But with the body position and handles used in a TRX row, there is no pressure on your back. Using your body weight through total body resistance exercise will help you to get the abs you have always dreamed of. Your body and summer outfits will thank you for doing core-focused work like the TRX row.    

5. Great Cardio

While strength training and cardio are often split into two separate categories, the TRX row combines the two. With a TRX row, you set the pace. A TRX row is sure to get your heart pumping as it will work for many different muscle groups at the same time. Quick and effective movements will increase your heart rate and get you into aerobic exercise, also known as cardio.

Aerobic exercise is essential to your overall health and important for your heart. It helps to lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, regulate weight, and boosts your mood as well as your immune system. Adding TRX rows to your workout plan is a healthy choice for your body.

Female athlete doing low row exercise on TRX trainer at the gym

6. Use It Anywhere    

One of the best benefits of TRX rows, and the TRX system as a whole, is that you can use the suspension trainer anywhere. If you often travel or like to change up your workout scene, this lightweight equipment is great for your on-the-go needs. You only need your TRX suspension trainer and a secure spot for holding it to do your TRX rows and get a total body workout. Resistance training is a fantastic method to improve your overall strength. The ability to do this anywhere is even better. When it felt like the world was shut down due to COVID-19, those with a TRX suspension trainer were in luck. For many people, small apartments, home gyms, and parks quickly became workout central. The extreme portability and ease of use of this piece of equipment are part of what makes it so great. Whether you like to take your training outside or keep it in the gym, the TRX strap is a solid option for your next workout. 

7. Great for All Levels 

A TRX suspension trainer is a great tool, regardless of your level. Beginners often see the straps lying around the gym and may be confused. But they are a piece of equipment that is easy to learn how to use in order to complete a variety of TRX rows. Utilizing your body weight allows you to easily add or decrease resistance. This is essential for all types of training. If you are a seasoned athlete, you can scale up your workout as well. No matter what you want to achieve in your training or how much you want to progress, suspension training is a great avenue to help you achieve your goals. 

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8. Low Impact

TRX rows and other TRX exercises are low-impact. They offer the benefits of traditional strength training with a lower risk of injury. The suspension feature of the TRX straps allows you to use only your body weight. This creates a workout that is perfect for those who have faced injuries or are hoping to avoid one. Strength training doesn’t have to involve high-impact moves that wreak havoc on your back or joints. Many low-impact activities are low intensity. This is not true of TRX workouts. Choosing exercises such as the TRX row provides high-level intensity with a low impact on your body. TRX rows and other TRX exercises are a great choice for a low-impact workout that improves strength, reduces body fat, and provides extreme activation of your core muscles. 

9. Amp Up Your Exercise 

Many athletes and general fitness folks get stuck in the same boring routines. Monday is always leg day, followed by a cardio day and a few strength training days focused on the biceps, triceps, or shoulders. TRX workouts help to provide variety and versatility to your regular workout routine. Your exercise can easily be amped up with the use of a TRX suspension trainer. There are many pathways to intensify exercises, such as the TRX row. For example, you can change your grip, elevate your feet, wear a weighted vest, or do a one-armed version. Increasing dumbbell weight is great, but being able to amp up your movements with all of the other slight variations is better. Shocking your muscles should be a crucial part of your workout plan. Using TRX suspension training is a great opportunity for you to improve your overall fitness. 

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10. Customizable 

TRX training is completely customizable. You can utilize the straps and handles for any move. For a TRX row, you can move your body and the straps to make your workout harder or easier. You are always using your body weight in a TRX workout. This means that you are in complete control of your workout. You can also consult a personal trainer to help create a program specifically for you. With the use of a TRX suspension trainer, you can complete almost any move. Your training can be done as a great home workout that meets your needs.      

11. Easily Taught in Group Settings

If you are a personal trainer or are looking for new moves for your high-intensity class, the TRX row is a great option. Many HIIT classes offer different stations, and participants move around the gym to complete exercises at each station. The TRX row is easily taught and is great for a group setting. The full-body move is difficult, but it is also adjustable for beginners. Adding a TRX row to your next group class is an excellent way to incorporate resistance training using only body weight and one piece of equipment. 

Each of these benefits of TRX rows is an excellent testament to the suspension trainer. Workouts that encourage strong muscle activation and improve your functional strength are essential to fitness training. It is amazing that you can reach any of your fitness goals with only a TRX suspension trainer. The ability to make any type of customization to your home workout is key. TRX rows are a crucial piece of your workout puzzle. 

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TRX Training 

Home gyms used to be an expensive luxury. Improving your fitness without the use of dumbbells or cable machines used to seem impossible. But now, you can use your small apartment or outdoor space and have strength training available to you with only the TRX suspension trainer. 

Keep in mind that TRX rows are only one part of the total TRX training system. A full TRX workout includes several moves. For example, a TRX plank is a great exercise for establishing core strength. In this move, the TRX handles act as a foot cradle and allow you to keep your body aligned. This move is also good for your biceps and shoulders. TRX training moves each incorporate several muscle groups using only your body for resistance. 

If you are a beginner, you may need some help starting your fitness regimen. You can get a starting equipment bundle that includes the suspension trainer, mat, and training club access for only $287. TRX also offers a subscription service that provides you with classes from personal trainers. These classes have beginner options and don’t only focus on one area. They include strength, cardio, yoga, etc. TRX also offers other equipment, such as kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, ropes, or glute bands, if you want to add it to your home gym. This investment in your mental and physical health is a great start on your journey to becoming your best self. It can be intimidating to start working out. Many say that the support of a personal trainer or fitness program helps to get into a routine that you can stick to. The TRX Training Club is a great resource to get you motivated and provide the at-home training you might need.

One of the best ways to make the most out of your TRX workout is to add a weighted vest or belt. It adds difficulty, can influence muscle stress, and helps you to reach muscle fatigue more quickly. It also helps you burn more calories. Be sure to choose a weight that is not more than 10% of your body weight. This option is a great tool to get more from your TRX workout, especially if you are short on time.  

TRX products can truly help you to transform your workout. Whether you are a beginner or well into your fitness journey, resistance training is a tried and true way to get a solid workout. TRX rows provide a total body resistance workout, engaging muscles in your back, shoulders, arms, and core. Improve your overall fitness, muscle strength, and functional strength by using the TRX row in your TRX training regimen.

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