What is Sexercise and How to Do It

shirtless fit man carrying his fit girlfriend on his back
shirtless fit man carrying his fit girlfriend on his back

What is Sexercise and How to Do It

Sexercise is a physical activity similar to cardio exercise, aerobic exercise, or anaerobic exercise that can help someone have better sex. This article will explain how these workouts can help sexual performance and mental health as well as improve your overall physical health.


Sexercise is a new form of working out that is optimal for encouraging physical fitness while also helping people better their sex lives. By combining the similarities sex and exercise have to offer, someone is able to reap the benefits that each of these activities can provide people. Both can help people create better health for themselves, offering mental and physical benefits. They also make people sweat, increase their energy, improve their mood, and overall help create a more satisfying experience for day-to-day life.

You may have heard of some sexercise fads, like Kegels, which are a common exercise term heard among women and can help strengthen the lower pelvic muscles. This workout can be very helpful, but it is only a small part of what sexercise offers.

You can do these activities at the gym, outdoors, or at home. Some of these exercises are more sexually explicit and should probably be saved for the privacy of your home, whereas some can be done in group sexercise classes with you and your partner. These physical activities can help you gain confidence in yourself while promoting a healthier and overall, more satisfying sex life.

How Does Sexercise Help People’s Sex Lives

When performing sexercise activities, you can create a better sex life for yourself and your partner. Sex often involves a variety of muscle groups, and unless you work out very frequently, you might not work these muscles very often other than to have sex. Sexercise allows you to target these muscles specifically to enhance your sexual experiences. We’re not talking about excessive gym visits, just a moderate aerobic exercise regimen is more than sufficient.

Every positive benefit you gain from sexual experiences can be exemplified by practicing sexercise. If you ever get curious and want to try a new sex position, but are worried your body won’t be able to do it, then you can try something like sexercise to help you gain more confidence in yourself. These workouts can tone your body, increase your flexibility, and add to your confidence, creating a much more positive sexual experience. That in itself can be a huge boost to your physical and mental health.

Using sexercise as a healthy way to prepare for sex makes it easier to have more pleasurable sex. Also, exercise naturally fights some issues like anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, or other health issues that can make it more difficult to feel desire or arousal and prevent you from achieving an orgasm. Sexercise is a great and healthy way to fight off these issues and make them less impactful on your sexual health. Get that blood pumpin’ for good thumpin’, as we like say.

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How Does Sexercise Help People’s Regular Lives

There are plenty of other ways sexercise can benefit your regular life as well. Since sexercise is just as beneficial as regular exercise, it has many of the same overall health benefits. You can reduce high blood pressure and decrease the risk of stroke, heart disease, or other health issues like cancer. Sexercise can also help you in more minimal ways that most people may not be aware of.

For example, having sex more often helps build one’s confidence and encourages more conscious self-care choices. This helps make people live life more carefree, with the security of feeling safe to be themselves. Sexercise can literally help you become your best self. By partaking in these activities, you can better your own mood and make yourself feel healthier while becoming fit. The potential weight loss (if that’s a concern for you) is also a nice confidence boost.

You can achieve better sleep patterns and healthier self-esteem by engaging in sexercise. Also, if you perform sexercise with someone, you can even improve your relationships. You and your partner can practice sexercise exercises together to increase your bond and make you feel more comfortable with each other. Or, if you’re trying to have a baby, then sexercise is also a great method of facilitating conception.

Whether you want to get healthy overall or you want to better your strength and stamina, you’ll see you can practice sexercise to take better care of yourself in so many ways. There are a few things you need to do to perform sexercise correctly. Of course, you need to learn the workouts, but eating the right food is absolutely necessary to perform sexercise correctly. Make sure you’re eating healthy and drinking plenty of water before you get to the point where you want to work out regularly.

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The Muscles You Should Target

There are a ton of workouts you can practice to strengthen your sexercise muscle groups. The most common muscles people begin to focus on strengthening are their pelvic floor muscles, and things like Kegels are usually the choice of workouts when it comes to strengthening these areas. Targeting core muscles will also really assist you during workouts to enhance your health, confidence, and sex life.

Other than pelvic muscles, you’ll want to target certain fitness qualities like balance and stretching. Flexibility can help a lot of people in their sex lives, and things like yoga are great for achieving more muscle tone while increasing your flexibility.

While working on your flexibility, you want to practice some cardio workouts for strength training and stamina. Cardio is a great way to get your heart rate up for longer periods of time while working on your breathing and overall stamina. Also, this is a great way to increase your energy quickly, and practicing regular cardio can help you lose weight as well if that’s another goal you’re looking to achieve by performing sexercise.

A few types of workouts, like swimming and walking, are also great to partake in for everyday workouts. Swimming is excellent at toning your body and building your stamina. Since you’re required to hold your breath, you might be able to build stamina faster than you would be able to during running, but not everyone enjoys swimming to work out. Either way, you can use tons of workouts to practice sexercise and really build up the muscle groups people commonly use for sex.

Sexercise – The Moves

Bicep Curls

To perform bicep curls, you must start by getting two dumbbells and standing with your feet hip-width apart. You want to tighten your core while you do this workout to create a better posture. You’ll need to hold one dumbbell in each hand and allow your arms to relax at your sides. Be sure your palms are facing outwards.

You want to keep your upper arms stable, and your shoulders should stay back and relaxed. While you hold this stance, inhale as you bend at the elbows, raising your dumbbells so they approach your shoulders and keep your elbows tucked in close to your ribs. Once you get to the peak of this movement, then you can exhale while lowering the weights until your arms are mostly relaxed. It’s good to keep a slight bend in your elbow while you work.

Fit man doing bicep curls


You’ll want to start with a standing position when you perform lunges and let your fit land hip-width apart. When you begin these lunges, you should walk in strides so one leg is behind your torso and the other is in front. The leg you leave behind your torso should be bent with your knee facing the floor. When you lean into your front leg, your back foot’s heel will rise. Your leading leg that is in front of you should have a bend in the knee, and your foot should land flat on the floor. You should feel your lunges really strengthening your thigh muscles.

A good idea is to keep your front knee at a 90-degree angle and remember that your torso and core should be engaged and standing straight. Even though you’re moving forward in this motion, you should not allow your front knee to go past your toes. The leg behind your torso should not touch the floor, and you should try to keep your hips level without accidentally lowering or raising them to make the movement easier and put pressure in the wrong places. When you want to change legs, you can return to the standing position and switch which leg goes forward and ensure your feet stay hip-width apart during the entire movement.

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Air Squats

When you’re practicing air squats, you’ll want your legs to stay hip-width apart. Your heels should never leave the ground when performing air squats, and instead, you should do a regular squat but allow your butt to fall lower than your knees. Air squats are incredibly difficult to do, and you mustn’t mess up your form or risk accidentally injuring yourself (and an injury definitely won’t help you in the bedroom).

To perform this squat, you do a regular squat but carefully allow your butt to go lower down past the height of your knees. You cannot let your knees go in front of your toes, and you must be careful to look straight ahead of you in order to keep your chest up and back straight. The lower you go, the more tempting it can be to curve your back or allow your shoulders to move forward, but you can’t allow your body to move like this. If you can’t keep your back straight, shoulder’s back, and chest up, then you’re trying to do air squats that are too deep for your fitness level. The squats can be great for sexercise by strengthening your thighs, butt, and core and helping you develop more balance and flexibility.

man doing air squats

Jump Squats

When you perform jump squats, you need to start every squat the same. As you prepare for your jump squat, lower yourself to form a small bend in the knees while you hold your arms in a relaxed motion with a slight bend at the elbow. When you do this movement, your weight should be distributed evenly across your entire foot, and you shouldn’t lean to let your knee go in front of your toes. It’s important to keep your shoulders back with your chest down as if you were holding an egg. This way, you can also work on maintaining a tightened core and straight back. It would help if you prepped your arms and shoulders to stay in this similar position while you jump.

You must maintain a neutral spine when you jump and be sure to bend your hips and knees while keeping your shins as vertical as possible. When your thighs are almost parallel to the ground, or you feel you’ve reached a quarter of a squat position. Allow your hands to fall behind your torso. Then you need to push hard through your feet and jump into the air. Allow your legs to straighten naturally and swing your arms forward while you jump so that during the peak of your jump squat, your arms are extended, so your upper arm is in line with your ears.

When you land, be careful to do so softly by falling on your feet from your toes to heels and falling into a very slight squatting position to allow your hips and knees to absorb the force gently. Allow the middle of your foot to support the majority of your body weight along both of your feet.

If you keep your core engaged through this whole movement while also lifting your arms to go straight up, you can get a really tough workout in your core and obliques. Jump squats work wonders on your leg and butt muscles, but this workout also makes your obliques and abs work much more than they would in a normal squat.

couple doing jump squats together

Hip Abductions

You’ll need a yoga mat or workout mat to lay on sideways when you perform this workout. When you do this workout, you should lay down with a bend in your legs but make your knees touch. While lying down, you should bend the arm touching the mat so your hand is under your head. Use your free hand and arm to support yourself and balance as you perform this workout.

It would help if you had a slight bend in your legs while you do this workout, and you have to make sure your heels are touching throughout the entirety of the workout. Make sure your back stays straight and keep your hips even and vertical.

You’ll then move your legs, so you lift one knee up while keeping your heels in contact while lying on the mat. Open and close this leg in slow and measured movements, and keep your core tight while you lift your leg. There’s a wide variety of hip abductor workouts, but this is the easiest to do without any equipment.

woman doing hip abduction exercises

Glute Bridges

To get your glute bridge workouts right, you should begin with an exercise or yoga mat and lie face up on the floor. You must keep your knees bent and feet flat so your toes and heels are on the floor with your arms lying on your sides. Keep your palms facing the ceiling during this workout.

When performing glute bridges, you must lift your hips off the ground until the front of your body, from your shoulders and hips to the knees, forms a straight line. It’s important to squeeze your glutes super hard (imagine holding a penny between your cheeks) while keeping your core tight to gain the most muscle mass during this workout. Try not to overextend your back as this can lead to injury, and don’t bend your head to hurt your neck. Allow your head to rest on the ground and stare straight up while you work out, then pause at the top of this movement and hold it for a few seconds before slowly lowering your hips back to the starting position.

man doing glute bridge exercises


You can really achieve strength training in so many muscle groups when doing windmills. This workout can help improve mobility, flexibility, and stability. You can strengthen your abs, obliques, biceps, thighs, and glutes all at once. These workouts are hard work, but they have tons of payoff, so make sure you’re doing them correctly to get the most out of your sexercise routine.

To get in the starting position of the windmill workout, stand so your feet are about the length of one and a half of your shoulders width apart. Then you should hold your weight, kettlebells or dumbbells, and raise your one arm overhead.

You’ll want to bend at your hips and turn so you can balance between your legs without bending your back at all.

If you raise your right arm first, your right foot should be directly beneath the hand you have holding the weight in the air. Then, allow your left leg to be angled outwards so that your toes are facing the same way as your knee. It’s important to keep your shoulders back and down while you maintain a tightened core.

While you do this, your left hand should be holding the bottom of your leg with your left hand. Your torse should be rotated with most of your weight leaning on your left leg. Lean as far down as you can and focus on stabilizing the weight of your body between your feet. Then stabilize the weight of your dumbbell on your shoulder.

It would help if you then switched the sides you led on and raised the opposite arm up into the air with your weight. You can do this for the desired amount of repetitions, but be careful not to bend wrong, or you can accidentally injure yourself.


A lot of these workouts can be used in sexercise routines. You can perform more explicit workouts with your partner, and it can greatly benefit your sexual desire. Sometimes, people lose their sex drive when they lose their confidence, but creating a healthy exercise routine with the intention of bettering your sexual activity is a great way to increase your regular physical activity while bettering your overall sexual arousal and sexual function.

The most important parts of sexercise workouts are to gain muscle strength and increase your stamina. Strength exercises can help everyone unlock their inner confidence and boost their lives in so many ways, and trying these workouts are great ways to achieve the benefits of sexercise. Just be sure to stay consistent and keep the correct form, and you’re sure to experience the many benefits sexercise has to offer.

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