What is Brolic and How to Become it

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Brolic is a term used to describe an exceptionally well-built muscular person. This article can help explain where the word came from and what you can do to achieve muscular fitness. 

What Does Brolic Mean

Brolic sounds like a strange term from a strange world, because it is. This word was born from a fandom made by the popular television show Dragon Ball Z. Fans of this show cleverly made the name ‘brolic’ which comes from the show’s character Broly. Broly is a physically fit character who is also the show’s antagonist. This led to the creation of the term ‘brolic,’ which is now used to describe someone who is strong, powerful, and chaotic. The term can be used in similarity to other slang words like built, swol, and cut. These words are used to describe a person with powerful muscles and clear definition in most of their entire body’s muscles. Although the character the word references are often chaotic and troublesome, the person who wants to be described as ‘brolic’ doesn’t need to maintain this same attitude.

Basically, if you want to become ‘brolic,’ you should focus on building a solid body. This would mean you need a muscular chest, torso, back, arms, and legs. Full-body workouts are your best friend, as are specific workouts you can use to target muscle groups. While full-body workouts are an excellent way to target specific muscles, targeting particular groups of muscles will really help you grow your muscles as much as possible. 

There are many ways to become fit enough to be described as ‘brolic,’ and it’s really up to your choices to lead you to this body type. You’ll need a plan and plenty of determination to see the results in yourself. While consistency is critical when working out, patience is required in seeing results because one of the healthiest ways to achieve a really muscular, built, and ‘brolic’ figure is by working out regularly, taking care of yourself, and eating right.

Anyone Can Achieve Brolic

Almost anyone can achieve the term ‘brolic’ depending on what you’re looking to achieve. Anyone can achieve this if you’re looking to become ‘brolic’ by strengthening all your muscles. By regularly working out your different larger muscle groups, you can tone your entire body, eventually leading to the excellent definition in your muscles and achieving a swol and brolic look.

However, if you’re looking to be able to compare yourself to the Broly character the term is based on, then keep in mind that not only is that a cartoon character, but it is also a man. Many women will not be able to achieve muscle mass to that extreme physically. Although many men can when they work hard enough, it’s essential to keep in mind that your body will become incredibly fit in its own way and might not mirror the results you’re desiring.

So, if you want to work out to become brolic, all you need to do is make a proper plan. Obviously, working out is a massive part of the brolic process, but there is absolutely no chance of becoming brolic without caring for your body correctly. In order to achieve this look, you must drink plenty of water, give yourself tons of rest, and eat the proper diet. 

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Diet Needed to Become Brollic

A proper diet needs to be kept and checked religiously to achieve the brolic look. Maintaining a ton of muscle mass requires your body’s energy. You can only provide the right amount of energy if you’re eating calories that can actually make building muscle easier.

Most people know protein is a huge contributor to a fitness enthusiast’s diet. It would help if you ate tons of protein to achieve this ‘brolic’ look. The suitable protein will be found in meats like beef, turkey, chicken, and fish. Fish will be an excellent source of omega-3, so focusing on foods like tuna and salmon can offer a ton of benefits. Also, it’s a good idea to eat plenty of eggs, cheese, milk, and other protein-rich foods. Consider snacking on some nuts if you want a few more options. 

Other foods you need to be sure to fill up on are plenty of veggies. Darker vegetables offer more iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These nutrients can be excellent ways to support your muscles, bones, and digestive health while you work on building that perfect brolic body. 

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Keep in mind other things like fruits and vegetables are just as crucial as these different food groups—carbohydrates off a lot of support to take in healthy calories that you can use to build muscle. Focus on eating foods like brown rice, potatoes, yams, and whole-grain foods. Fruits like bananas, watermelons, apples, cherries, oranges, and blueberries offer tons of antioxidants, fiber, and other health benefits that are excellent for working out. If you want to build a healthy brolic body and maintain it long-term, you’ll need to support yourself with healthy alternatives and plenty of options. Some people think protein loading is the only thing necessary to build tons of muscle mass, but this isn’t practical, and it won’t support permanent and long-term growth. 

Never skip any meals, and it’s a good idea to eat a healthy snack every two to three hours. However, it isn’t a good idea to eat a big meal right before working out, so try to avoid that as much as possible. Consider drinking protein shakes and fruit smoothies. Supplements and gummy vitamins are also a good idea since these things can be beneficial to your overall health.

Sleep is Necessary

Don’t forget that sleeping is absolutely vital to working out. When you work out, you’re tearing your muscle fibers and allowing them to fill up with lactic acid. Rest days are necessary to allow your muscles proper time to heal after these events. The more sleep you get, the faster your body can heal.

Your eating habits and overall hydration will significantly affect how quickly your muscles will be able to heal. You need at least eight hours of sleep every night, and you can get up to ten or twelve hours of sleep on days with a straining workout. Allowing your muscles to relax helps prepare them for another straining day or the next workout session. Also, it’s a good idea to spread out isolated workouts so you can give a specific group of muscles more of an opportunity to rest. If you have a particularly tough back and chest workout session one day, try to really focus on working your abs or legs the next day to allow those other muscles to repair themselves more fully in between workouts.

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There are tons of supplements you can take to help your body when working to become brolic. Some people make specific smoothies with protein powders, certain powders to aid their digestion, some specific ground-up nuts, and other additives that will overall help their health.

Finding extra supplements to take throughout the day or include in your daily diet is a great way to improve your overall health.

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Workouts to Become Brolic

You can do tons of workouts to help build your body to become brolic. The movements you do will affect which muscles you’ll be building up to make them super buff. These workouts are great to perform for general full-body building workouts. You can use them randomly or plan a carefully organized routine to target specific areas or full-body activities. Either way, the exercises below will surely help you succeed in becoming brolic. 

Cable Crunches

Cable crunches are also sometimes referred to as kneeling cable crunches. They’re great at working your abs, but they can easily be performed wrong, and you may injure yourself. Ensuring you’re doing these workouts correctly will help ensure you don’t cause yourself harm and help make sure you really build yourself into the best shape possible. 

Start by finding a cable machine and securing a rope attachment to do these right. You’ll want to set the pulley to the highest height setting to really get the most from these workouts. Then, you need to grab the hand attachments and step backward with enough room to kneel in front of the machine. It’s an excellent idea to jeep an exercise mat or foam pad with you while you do this workout to kneel on it for this step. You should make sure your toes stay flexed and remain in contact with the floor.  

Slowly pull the rope handles toward your face, so your hands are at the top of your head, and hinge your hips forward while you push your hips backward. Make sure you’re only moving your spine to perform this crunch. This way, you can keep your hips still and elevated. Make sure your shoulders are slightly ahead of your hips, and keep your chin tucked through this movement.

Allow your hips and arms to remain still, and squeeze your abs while you ring your shoulders toward your pelvis. Continue lowering while you squeeze your abs until your elbows are close to your legs. At the bottom of the movement, pause and squeeze your abs as tight as possible. With tension in your abs, allow yourself to return to the starting position and repeat this workout for the desired amount of repetitions in a controlled motion.

Machine Pull Up

You can do traditional pull-ups or use a machine at the gym to perform machine pull-ups. Doing these will help you gain strength in your arms if that’s something you really need to work on building muscle. 

To perform these, you’ll want to grab the assisted pull-up machine with a neutral grip and make your palms face each other. You can put your knees on the kneepad and pull up, so your shoulders move back and down and lock into this position. Pause at the top of this position before lowering down. As you stay in this position, keep your shoulders drawn inward and slowly lower your body in a controlled motion until your arms are fully extended, and then do the workout again. 

Seated Machine Row

The seated machine row can help buff up your back and forearm muscles, and it’s an excellent all-around compound exercise. Doing this workout is pretty straightforward, and you’ll need a gym so you can access a row machine.

Once you’re on the rowing machine, you’ll need to grasp the cable attachment and position yourself to slightly bend your knees. Make sure you can reach to grab the handle with outstretched arms without needing to curl your lower back over. 

To begin, brace your abs and pull the handle and weight back toward your lower core. Try not to use momentum while you do this movement, so you gain more muscle during this workout. Try to keep your back straight and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you row with your chest out. Then, return the handle forward under tension to a full stretch, and remember that your back must stay straight to avoid injury. Repeat this exercise as much as you desire. 

Barbell Curl

The barbell curl is a pretty typical workout, great for targeting your chest and arms. To perform the barbell curl, you need to stand tall with your chest up and core tight. Make sure you look forward, so you don’t accidentally slouch your back and cause injury.

Make sure you have an underhand grip on the barbell with your hands located just outside your hips. While you move, raise your hands slightly and make sure you can feel your biceps becoming more engaged. As you maintain this tension in your biceps, curl the barbell up to your shoulders, and hold it for one second. Then in a slow manner, you can lower the barbell, still working your biceps until you’re back to the starting position.

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Tricep Extension

Tricep extensions are easy, and you need to stand with your feet in a slightly split stance and keep your left foot just slightly behind your right and make your legs about hip distance apart. Your weight should be evenly distributed between both of your feet and soften your knees. Make sure your core is engaged, so you keep your posture as good as possible throughout the movement.

If you’re a beginner doing this workout, you should practice with one dumbbell, but if you regularly work out, then you can use two dumbbells. Hold the dumbbell cupped in your hands, and lift it directly overhead. You have to make sure your head stays aligned right over your chest, with your core tightened and your shoulders relaxed.

Extend your arms fully and exhale while you slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head by bending at your elbows. Do not arch your back at all. Then, inhale and reverse the movement in a controlled motion while lifting the weight back over your head. 

Sumo Deadlift

To perform a proper sumo deadlift, you want to stand with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and keep your toes pointed outwards. You can do this workout with two dumbbells or a barbell.

When you reach down to grab your weights, you need to keep your chest up, head facing in front of you, and back straight. Brace yourself when you hold your weight by tightening your core, back, butt, and legs to really emphasize your entire body’s muscles. You can then pull up on the bar and press your legs through the floor. 

To get the most out of this movement, you should tighten your thighs and push through your heels on the floor. Then when you drive yourself up with your legs, breath and establish a core brace and complete balance. The beginning of lifting this sumo workout is working your quads. When you get to the top of this workout, the barbell or dumbbells should be above your knees, and you should have your back upright and tight with your arms hanging down. 

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Dumbbell Lunge

Lunges are great workouts, and performing a dumbbell lunge is an even better way to add muscle to this workout. When you perform lunges, you need to stand straight up and put a dumbbell in each hand, hand your arms at your sides and face your thighs and feet a little less than shoulder-width apart. 

To do this workout, you’ll need to inhale and take a significant step forward with only one leg, and people usually begin with their right leg. Then it would help if you bent at the knee until the right thigh approaches parallel to the ground, but without allowing your knee to pass your toes. Once you arrive there, the left leg should be bent at the knee while you balance on the tip of your toes while holding the lunge position.

You can then return to the starting position by stepping the right foot back on an exhale and returning to the starting point. Repeat this workout as much as you’d like. 


Reaching a brolic physique requires you to work your muscle strength into a special kind of fitness. If you feel you have weak endurance, practice muscular endurance. If you think your arms are too small, work the muscle tissue in your upper arm. As long as you’re willing to do the strength training necessary to get the body you desire, then you can achieve a brolic type of muscular strength with plenty of hard work. 

Muscle weakness is the only thing preventing you from having a built frame. By changing your habits and mentality, you can work your muscle fiber until your body matches the character Broly from Dragon Ball Z. Of course, your body will show its strength in its own way, but it’s essential to participate in as much physical activity as possible while remaining healthy. Fight upper body weakness by doing pull-ups. If you feel symptoms of fatigue, drink more water and give yourself more time to rest. The importance remains in making sure your muscle contraction is being appropriately performed so you can really get the most from your workout.

Remember that muscle tension is incredibly important in strength training. Often people use resistance training to work, and while free weights are great options, you might not fire as many motor neurons as continuously as you would if you worked on a machine. Machines offer constant resistance training, which can help you make each limb stronger while defying any muscle imbalance you might get from less resistant workouts. As long as you’re patient, consistent, and keep a positive attitude, you can work to achieve the muscular gains and goals of your dreams.

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