The Weightlifter’s Helper: 6 of the Best Lifting Straps

Man using weightlifting wrist straps support for bodybuilding and powerlifting

Lifting straps are an essential tool that every gym-goer should incorporate into their gym gear. Not only do they offer necessary support and the ability to reach higher weight goals, they also help prevent unnecessary injuries in the process.

Using protective and support gear can help strengthen your muscles and lift for longer sessions in the gym. Start using lifting straps early to prevent damage or wear on your body before it happens.

One of the most common uses for these straps is powerlifting, due to the extreme weight and physical power needed to perform well. Powerlifting is a sport in which the athlete lifts an extremely heavy weight for one repetition. The sport is divided into three lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Powerlifting’s popularity has recently grown and has been gaining a lot of attention. People are seeking to learn more about the sport and how to get involved in it. The proper use of lifting straps is essential for newcomers and seasoned trainers alike. 

Lifting straps are also beneficial in other forms of lifting and sports. Many exercises can cause strain on the arms and wrists—especially for beginners who are just starting to lift. 

What Are Lifting Straps? 

Lifting straps are a piece of equipment used in weightlifting and other sports to help lifters hold a heavier weight than they would otherwise be able to. The straps are typically thick, durable fabric and have a loop on each end. The weight is held by gripping the weightlifting strap between the thumb and fingers.

Wraps allow for a more secure lifting grip on the heavy weight and help to avoid slipping. Anyone who lifts weights can use wrist wraps, but they are especially beneficial for those new to lifting or with smaller hands. 

Why You Should Use Lifting Straps

Weightlifting straps may not seem like an important gym or sport accessory if you don’t have physical restrictions. These straps are also designed to prevent physical limitations later down the road. Extra support can help prevent your hands from slipping, which can cause you to drop the weight. 

Lifting straps are great tools for heavy weights, such as in powerlifting and bodybuilding. However, they can also be helpful for lighter exercises, such as bicep curls or shoulder presses. If you suffer from past wrist injuries or are prone to muscle soreness after a workout, using these straps can help protect your arms and wrists and alleviate potential soreness. 

Lifting straps and other preventive measures are essential for preventing injury and helping muscles to recover properly. Bodybuilder Larry Burt says it is important to listen to your body and not overexert yourself during and after your workout. 

“We need plenty of time to recover and build muscle,” Burt explains. “Also, try to be patient. Progress will happen with consistency. Use basic compound movements to build muscle. They include the bench presssquatdeadliftrowscurls, and military presses. Limit the number of exercises and sets that you do. Try to train heavy without sacrificing proper form.”

How to Get Started Using Lifting Straps

Lifting straps come in various styles, sizes, and materials. The quality of the straps and the length are vital. It is important to understand your needs before purchasing a pair of straps. Make sure you find a product that comes in the appropriate length for your body type.

Straps that are too small can cause problems and not offer the support needed to perform safely. If your lifting straps are too large, however, they can become loose and cause injury. 

While using straps, no matter the sport or exercise, always start slow until you have a feel for how they support you. After a few reps of practice you will know what they can support and where you will need to focus to provide support on your own.

How Do You Use Lifting Straps? 

When using lifting straps, wrap them around the bar or dumbbell before you begin your lift.

Keep your hands close to the strap during the lift and use them to pull yourself up. Don’t use your hands to push against the weight. Too much hand pressure will take away from the effectiveness of the strap.

It is best if you only use lifting straps with the proper weight. The maximum weight you can lift with your own body is a factor of both your body weight and the resistance the strap provides.

Following a few guidelines, you can find your maximum lifting weight or one rep max. Test your lifting strength, and stop when you have reached your weight limit. Lifting straps can help you reach this weight, but you should adjust your max weight for each rep you perform.

For instance, for a one-rep set, you can lift at your max weight. You’ll want to decrease the max weight percentage by 3% for a two-rep set. A three-rep set should decrease by 6%.

For a more in-depth understanding of how to calculate your max weight, there are many online calculators and charts that can help you find yours. 

Benefits of Using Lifting Straps 

For anyone looking to improve their physical strength, participate in competitions, or looking to reach a new fitness goal, lifting straps can help you achieve these dreams. Lifting straps can also help increase your total work capacity; this means you can lift heavier weights with less effort.

Straps also teach better form when working out or participating in a sport. They help support proper structure, which allows you to perform better even when not using the straps. 

Lifting Straps For Different Workouts

A few different types of workouts can be done with lifting straps to help improve your overall lifting performance. One way to use lifting straps is to attach them around the barbell before you begin your lift. This will help you keep a firm grip on the barbell, which can be especially helpful if you have sweaty hands.

Lifting straps can also help you lift heavier weights by providing more support to your wrists and arms. If you want to increase your strength and power, try lifting straps in combination with other exercises like squats or deadlifts. This will help you achieve better results in a shorter amount of time.

How to Choose a Quality Pair of Lifting Straps 

When you start lifting weights, you need to acquire a quality pair of lifting straps. When choosing a pair of lifting straps, there are several things to consider.

The first thing to consider is the material. Make sure the straps are made from a durable material that will not easily stretch or tear. You also want to ensure the straps are wide enough to provide proper support. The next thing to do is ensure the buckle system is easy to use and does not require too much effort to tighten or loosen. Finally, ensure the straps are long enough to comfortably fit your wrists. 

Finding a quality pair of lifting straps can be challenging. There are many options on the market. When choosing a pair of wrist wraps, pay attention to the specific features and quality each product offers. These features may help or hinder your weightlifting practice.

This article examines some of the best lifting straps for weightlifting to provide you with an inside look at what makes these products excellent and how they can enhance your athletic performance.

1. Harbinger Padded Lifting Straps

Harbinger’s lifting straps come in a variety of colors and patterns. There is a camouflage option, an American flag pattern, a skull cover strap, and single-color options. No matter your color or style preference, Harbinger probably has something to meet your needs.

Each weightlifting strap comes with NeoTek padded cushions making them the ideal wrist wrap for extremely heavy lifting. Unlike other wraps, Harbinger extends its lift strap length to 21.5″. The size of their straps creates a firmer grip on the bar, allowing you to lift heavy weights with more support. 

These padded lifting straps are made of high-quality, heavy-duty material. The ends of the straps are fray resistant to withstand the wear and tear of weightlifting. Harbinger designed these straps for ongoing support and longevity. 

Wrist injuries are common in the gym. These injuries can be avoided with proper equipment. Not all lifting straps are created equal, and Harbringer’s straps stand out as some of the best lifting straps on the market. 

Price: $8.52 – $9.99

Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps with NeoTek Cushioned Wrist
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2. Rip Toned Lifting Straps

Rip Toned’s lifting straps are great for any female or male lifter. These wrist straps are made of 100% cotton and have a comfortable feeling while maintaining strength and durability. These cotton lifting straps have a no-slip grip, which is essential when weightlifting.

Sweaty hands, arms, and wrists can cause straps to fall out of place or not hold their strength. Luckily, Rip Toned’s straps can withstand substantial moisture without the need for messy chalk. From the first use, these straps are ready to go and won’t cause discomfort, calluses, or abrasions. The flexible cotton material creates a comfortable fit that is usable from the start. 

Rip Toned’s neoprene soft tech padding offers your wrists comfort and support throughout even the most challenging workouts.

Powerlifter Kevin Weiss endorses these lifting straps because they have proven to outshine other straps on the market. Each strap is 23.5″ long, giving you an extra wrap around the bar and providing additional support to reach your next weight goal.

Weight lifting is a challenging sport that should be taken seriously—that includes being serious about your equipment. Rip Toned’s lifting straps provide you with next-level comfort and support and should be a part of any weightlifting gym attire.

No matter your color or design preference, Rip Toned offers a wide selection of lifting straps. Their straps come in bright colors and unique designs to give you that extra spark in the gym. 

Price: $13.97

Rip Toned Lifting Straps for Weightlifting
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3. Gymreapers Lifting Straps

Gymreapers lifting straps are made of 100% cotton and come in various colors: black, tan, red, and green. These straps are one of the more unique lifting straps due to their logo of a black and white skull.

Like other lifting strap brands, Gymreapers wrist straps have neoprene padding for support during many different workouts in the gym. These lifting straps are built to last through even the most strenuous activities you put them through.

The company understands the importance of durability and created this product with longevity and stability while using high-quality material that other lifting strap brand’s often don’t use. With these straps, you’ll have a powerful grip that allows you to achieve your next fitness goal. 

Gympreapers lifting straps have been celebrated by record-breaking powerlifters, pro athletes, and trainers. These straps are suitable for heavy-lifters, beginners, or anyone looking for extra support after experiencing an injury.

The thick deadlift straps allow you to lift more weights without putting extra strain on your wrists, arms, and body. For optimal support, wrap these straps around the lifting bar two to three times.

Gymreapers believes that customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of their business. If you purchase these lifting straps and are unhappy with their performance, Gymreapers will send you a replacement pair at no cost. Even if you’re on the fence about buying these straps, you can try them worry-free.

Price: $13.99

Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps for Weightlifting
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4. Dmoose Lifting Straps

Dmoose’s lifting straps are stylish and durable. The design logo patch along the straps is made of high-quality material that makes these straps elite.

The durable cotton straps reach 24″, which are a few inches longer than many of the other straps on this list. These longer straps give you a better grip on a lifting bar because it allows you to wrap them around more times. With this increased grip, you’ll lift heavier weights much more effortlessly than without these straps. 

Increased strength training also burns more fat, so longer lifting straps can help you meet your weight-loss goals when paired with cardio and a healthy diet. Dmoose created these professional-grade lifting straps for heavy lifters and anyone that takes their training seriously in the gym.

These straps can also help enhance your form because you’ll have a better grip on your equipment; this allows you to have a stronger foundation during your reps. Strong foundations and stances help prevent specific injuries, such as strains, sprains, rips, and tears.

The wrist wraps are made of high-quality, flexible, strong materials that allow you to lift for long periods without causing wrist pain or discomfort to your hands. For anyone looking to improve their weight training, incorporating these lifting straps can help you move on to the next level in your performance. 

Price: $11.99

DMoose Lifting Straps
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5. Ihuan Wrist Straps 

Ihuan is known for its extensive line of athletic and workout gear. They sell everything from workout gloves, lifting belts, and cycling gloves. Their line of weightlifting straps is one of the best options for straps on the market. They are one-size-fits-all and can be used for barbells, weightlifting, deadlifting, dumbells, and pull-ups.

Each wrist wrap comprises 8.2″ of neoprene cotton and heavy-duty polypropylene material that offers your wrists substantial support throughout every workout. The padding also provides you with extra comfort during heavy lifting sessions.

Each strap is 21″ long, giving you one to two wraps around a barbell. This provides just enough support to get to acheive the next level in your lifting. 

Ihuan’s lifting straps increase contact and contact support for lifting, allowing you to lift heavy weights without causing extra strain on your body. They also allow you to more efficiently target specific muscles, contributing to muscle growth and overall fitness gains.

Try these lifting straps worry-free. Ihuan offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with these straps. If you are looking for a simple wrist strap for your gym attire, these straps are plain, with only Ihuan’s logo on the wrist strap. You also have the option to choose between their variety of lifting strap colors. 

Price: $11.99

ihuan Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting
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6. RitFit Lifting Straps 

RitFit’s lifting straps are comprised of neoprene foam padding, offering your wrists 7.1″ of support and protection. These are one of the more comfortable straps on this list due to their thick, durable, padded wrist support.

While these straps are the shortest in length, they are made of extreme anti-slip heavy-duty material that competes with any strap on the market. The strap’s thick padding helps protect your hands and wrists from unwanted blisters and abrasions.

RitFit’s straps are essential for calisthenics, MMA, strength training, heavy lifting, powerlifting, the Olympics, rowing, chin-ups, and more. These lifting straps are made to offer fantastic support that allows you to push through even the most challenging workouts.

A high-quality pair of lifting straps should be able to withstand the heavy lifting diminishing their support. RitFit’s straps will maintain their shape, structure, quality, and support for many years. They offer a black or a blue strap option to fit your preference If you are unhappy with your product for any reason, RitFit will provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Price: $14.98

RitFit Lifting Straps and Wrist Protector for Weightlifting
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Lifting Straps Are Essential 

There are so many different colors and styles of weight lifting straps, as well as different sizes and thicknesses to fit your needs. The straps on this list are some of the best straps for weightlifting on the market, and any option will be an excellent choice for you.

Take responsibility for your safety and care for your body by buying a pair of lifting straps today!

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