The Best Fitness Apps for Travel in 2023

As 2023 sends us even deeper into the digital age, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes both simpler and more complex. With the rise of travel and remote work, staying fit becomes a challenge, often neglected in the bustle of the unfamiliar. Yet, with every challenge comes an ingenious solution – the advent of fitness apps. These digital trainers conveniently fit in our smartphones, providing comprehensive workout routines, tailored to our needs and adaptable to any surroundings. With the Gorilla Workout and Pocket Yoga, you’ve got high-intensity training and calming yoga sessions right in your pocket, ready for use whether you’re gallivanting in Paris or chilling out on a beach in Bali.

Adapting Workouts to All Surroundings with Gorilla Workout

Throw your maps to the wind and say ‘adios’ to strict schedules, as we dive headfirst into a life of serendipitous adventure, blending travel and fitness in an exhilarating cocktail of exploration and self-care.

Start by splashing into the nearest water body for a session of freestyle swimming. Oceans, lakes, rivers, or even a hotel pool can turn into your personal fitness arena. The muscular exertion from swimming works your whole body cardiovascularly and anaerobically, carving your physique as nature intended.

Give credence to Footloose and take it to the city streets. Explore a new location by pounding the pavement in a bright morning jog or a moonlit sprint. Surpassing standard treadmill trotting, running in a new city gifts you the chance to discover hidden gems, local hotspots, and scenic routes.

Are there mountains kissing the clouds, daring you to conquer them? Take the challenge and embark on a hiking adventure. Pushing your strength and endurance to its limits, hiking not only rewards the physicality, but the view from the top can supersede any worldly pleasure.

Yoga doesn’t need regimentation to a specific room. A beach, forest, park, or the snug quarters of your hotel room can all be your Zen zone. Breathing exercises, flexible poses, and meditation can keep you grounded amidst the whirlwind of travel.

When in Rome, why not Zumba like the Romans? Dive into local fitness classes or trends. They can provide an amusing portal to infiltrate the local culture, create memories, all while maintaining your vitality.

For those handcuffed by limited luggage space, resistance bands transform into a portable gym. Light, compact, and versatile, these bands can assist in a myriad of workouts, helping you stay toned even on the go.

Consider travel as an endless obstacle course. Instead of taxis or public transit, consider walking or cycling whenever possible for short distances. Every stroll or pedal is a step closer to your fitness goals.

Revel in the delight of active leisure activities. Try your hand at surfing in Hawaii, rock climbing in Colorado, or even salsa dancing in Cuba. Such cultural practices or adrenaline-pumping sports not just invigorate your senses but offer a full-body workout disguised in fun.

Lean into the ebb and flow of your journey, bending your workout to fit into the contours of your adventures. Your love for exploration can feed your fitness, and in turn, a body in motion empowers you to grasp the world one discovery, one experience at a time. Transparent boundaries between fitness and travel allow you to truly live the nomadic odyssey, and as the old adage goes: the world is your oyster, or in this case, your gym!

A person doing yoga on a beach with a beautiful sunset in the background

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Staying Balanced and Centered with Pocket Yoga

Have you ever considered taking your yoga mat along on your trips? Yoga is not just a fantastic way to stay in shape when on the road, but it can also be a profound tool for mindfulness, helping you be more present and fully appreciate every unique experience that your travels afford you. Allow us to walk you through why yoga and travel go hand in hand.

First, yoga is essentially a portable gym. All you need is your mat! You can do it virtually anywhere – be it the beach, a mountainside, or the cozy comfort of your hotel room. It also requires no special attire – your typical travel clothes will do.

Yoga can also be a fun way to interact with the local culture. Many cities around the world offer community yoga sessions. Attend one of these and you might just meet some fellow travelers or locals, share experiences, and perhaps even pick up some insider travel tips.

One of the most affecting benefits of yoga whilst traveling is the shot of mindfulness it affords. It encourages us to slow down and really enjoy the feeling of being somewhere new. The more relaxed you are, the more open you are to new experiences. Plus, a quick yoga session can help to shake off any lingering jet lag.

Another significant reason to incorporate yoga into your travel routine is to offset the negative impacts of long-haul travels on your body. Think crumpled in plane seats, lugging heavy backpacks, or sleeping in uncomfortable beds. A good stretch can go a long way in easing those stiff muscles.

Last, but certainly not least, yoga can be a great way to quiet your mind in unfamiliar surroundings. Sometimes, the unfamiliarity and unpredictability of travel can feel a little overwhelming. A quick session of pranayama (breath control practices) or a few sun salutations can work wonders to ease your anxiety and ground you.

Yoga can undeniably add a lot to your journeys – both physical and spiritual. So, consider making your yoga mat your next favorite travel accessory. You’ll be surprised at how much more mindful and in sync with your surroundings you feel. After all, isn’t the journey within as important as the journey out there? So, pack your yoga mat along with your spirit of wanderlust and embark on an exploration that transcends boundaries.

A person doing yoga on a beautiful beach with waves crashing in the background

The technology at your fingertips ensures that no matter how far you travel, your fitness goals remain within reach. Engage in intense physical training without equipment through Gorilla Workout, designed perfectly for the adventurous at heart. Or find your inner peace through yoga sessions tailored to your skill level, offered by Pocket Yoga. Wherever you go, whenever you please, your fitness goals don’t have to be paused or disrupted. Remember, with the right apps, your journey to fitness is not bound by place or time, and your body remains the only gym you ever need. Continue your quest for fitness – because travel doesn’t have to be an excuse but rather a perfect backdrop for a healthier you.

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