The Best Agility Ladders for Improving Speed

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Very Well Fit contends that the agility ladder is less of an exercise and more of a piece of equipment you can use for various forms of training. Some benefits of using an agility ladder are that it can increase heart rate, challenge balance and coordination, and improve both speed and athletic performance. According to Orthopedic One, agility ladders are a great way to mix up your workouts, providing an excellent tool for cross-training. Not only do these ladders promote full-body strength, but they also support a healthy mind ⁠— a real win-win on all accounts.

According to Si, an agility ladder is an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their footwork, among other things. From durability and portability to an easy setup, if you’ve ever considered buying an agility ladder, we have you covered with a list of the best agility ladders for improving speed. Before diving into our list of top-notch agility ladders, however, read below to discover everything an agility ladder can do to make a difference in your overall health and happiness.

How Can Agility Ladders Benefit You?

Also known as a sports agility ladder, this exercise equipment is used to do ladder drills. Otherwise known as agility ladder or speed ladder drills, this form of high-intensity interval training alternates energy bursts with intermittent rest periods. While some exercises can be complicated, agility ladders offer a simple yet effective workout that almost any able-bodied person can execute. Lay the ladder on the ground and practice by running “up” and “down” the ladder. Place each foot in the center of each rung. As Masterclass instructs, focus on your movement and breathing for the best results. Here are the top reasons you should consider investing in an agility ladder today.

Improve Speed, Quickness, and Agility

It’s no secret that these three factors are major keys to fitness and athletics. So, whether you’re an athlete or prefer to stay in tip-top shape, and agility or speed ladder can work wonders toward increasing your fitness and performance levels.

  • Speed: How fast you move in one direction
  • Agility: Your ability to accelerate, decelerate, or change directions
  • Quickness: Your ability to quickly react or change positions

Increased Power

According to PLT4M, power is, by definition, the combination of strength and speed relating to muscle contraction. You can increase your speed and acceleration/deceleration capabilities by developing your maximum power output. When a person can move faster, it’s typically a result of generating force into the ground using the lower body musculature through the foot. When an athlete practices regular footwork drills, increasing foot speed and control can be pretty easy.

Improve Heart Health

As we mentioned prior, agility ladder training can have a great effect on heart health. GetHealthyU says agility ladders and speed training get the heart pumping, making it a great way to add cardio to your fitness routine. You can keep your heart healthy and young by effectively getting your heart rate up. When you consider that agility ladder drills don’t require a ton of precision or focus, they can increase your heart rate in a rather short period of time.

Proprioception (Body Control)

Otherwise known as kinesthesia according to WebMD, proprioception is the body’s ability to sense movement, location, and action throughout every muscle in your body. Without proprioception, your body wouldn’t be able to move without your brain thinking about every step. For instance, you wouldn’t be able to walk without first considering where to place your foot next. Practicing footwork drills with the help of an agility ladder can successfully help cement that subconscious connection between your mind and body, promoting both strength and control. And in the end, you’ll find yourself with the enhanced coordination needed to excel in all training areas.

Maintain Mental Sharpness

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’re likely aware of the mental and spiritual effect exercise can have on you. That’s why experts recommend getting plenty of cardio at least 30-minutes a day, five days out of the week. Again, because agility ladders are easy to set up and even easier to use, they’re excellent for use at home and the gym. More importantly, speed ladder drills require focus and concentration, which connects your brain to your body, improving your physical coordination and keeping your mind young and sharp ⁠— ultimately serving to benefit your everyday life.

Burn Tons of Calories

Women Fitness says agility exercises are a great way to boost your metabolism and incinerate fat while allowing you to increase or decrease the intensity of your activity level as you see fit. Naturally, while raising your heartbeat and activity levels, you also burn many calories. Considering that many people should be burning at least 1,200 calories daily, it’s easy to see how an agility ladder could come in handy. Luckily, their convenience and affordability make accessible to people everywhere.

Whether you’ve used a speed ladder before or are looking into it for the first time, you now have a better understanding of how an agility ladder could benefit your exercise routine. If you’re interested in finding the best agility ladder for your home or gym, there’s no need to look any further. Below, we take the time to explore the best agility ladders for improving speed, movement, and power. Keep reading to discover the best agility training ladder for you.

Browse the Best Agility Ladders for Improving Speed

From size and durability to purpose and design, there are many options to choose from when it comes to agility ladders. See below for more information.

Yes4All Ultimate Agility Ladder

Available with 8, 12, or 20 rungs, the Yes4All Ultimate Agility Ladder comes in four colors, giving consumers choices between yellow, blue, orange, and rainbow. According to the Fitness Tribe, larger ladders like those with 20 rungs are perfect for fast, effective agility workouts, increasing speed, balance, and coordination. That’s why this selection makes our list, providing a strong nylon frame that’s durable and easy to store.

This ladder is great for trainers of all ages because it can adjust the plastic rungs to up to 15″. Because many people like to work out in multiple locations, from the living room to the local park and gym, this agility training ladder comes with a roomy carrying case that makes it easy to take it on the go to wherever you like to practice your speed ladder drills. So, if you’re seeking a portable and dependable agility ladder to add to your collection, this is a highly affordable option priced at just under $19.

Yes4All Ultimate Agility Ladder
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GHB Pro Agility Ladder

Available for $15, our next selection ⁠— the GHB Pro Agility Ladder ⁠— is constructed of 100% nylon with strong plastic rungs that make it easy to practice any agility ladder exercise. With 12 rungs, this is one of the smaller selections on our list. However, it still has an overall length of 20ft, making it more than large enough to get an effective workout. Each rung measures 16.5″ in length and is adjustable to up to 15″ of space in-between. Bustle says adjustable rungs are a highly beneficial feature because they allow the user to increase and decrease the difficulty of their workout.

Available in either black and blue or black and yellow, this agility ladder workout tool is sharp in appearance and design. Whether you’re looking to practice football, basketball, soccer, or some other sport, the GHB Pro Agility Ladder improves quickness, giving you the fast feet you need to excel in all your physical activities. Complete with a handy carrying bag, this is another great option for anyone looking for portability and convenience. Just throw it in the bag and go ⁠— it’s that easy.

GHB Pro Agility Ladder
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Teenitor 13 Rung Agility Ladder

Conveniently priced at under $16, this next option on our list of the best agility ladders for improving speed is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a longer ladder for more intense ladder agility drills. The Teenitor 13 Rung Agility Ladder comes in either black and yellow or black and blue, depending on your style preferences. It is fitted with 13 easy-to-adjust, highly-durable plastic rungs along two nylon straps. Each rung is large, measuring 15″ long and 17″ wide, with up to 15″ distance in-between each.

Because this agility ladder is crafted from the highest quality pp material, you can depend on it to last for years. With a smart, easy-to-use design, this ladder is ideal for daily fitness, sports medicine, and physical therapy. Primarily, this is because it is convenient to set up and even easier to use, allowing the user to lay it out and pick it up in just seconds. According to Gretchen Rubin, this is a big bonus when you consider that a lack of convenience is one of the biggest reasons people fail to work out.

Teenitor 13 Rung Agility Ladder
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Mantra Sports 20ft Agility Ladder

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Mantra Sports makes a complete array of reliable exercise equipment for everyday fitness fans. The Mantra Sports Agility Ladder is no different, offering consumers much more than just a simple agility ladder. This set comes with the agility ladder, eight drill cones, four rust-resistant pegs, a carrying bag, and a double-sided poster complete with popular ladder drill exercises. Whether you’re looking to walk through the ladder for physical therapy or practice your hockey footwork, this agility ladder makes it easy with rust-resistant stakes that firmly hold it. Hence, you never have to worry about slippage.

King Sports Training says there are many effective ways to work with a sturdy agility ladder, from forward and lateral movement to everything in-between. This ladder features 12 flexible rungs strung along two 19.7′ nylon straps. With the help of the drill cones included with this set, the Mantra Sports Agility Ladder allows you to practice many different exercises, targeting every area of fitness you believe could use your attention. Check it out today.

Mantra 20ft Agility Ladder & Soccer Training Equipment
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YISSVIC Agility Ladder and Cones

Priced in the middle of our spectrum at just over $20, our next selection is a great option for anyone looking to practice various exercises and techniques. The YISSVIC Agility Ladder and Cones set has a bounty of bonus items, including 10 training cones, four metal pegs, a carrying case, and an agility ladder. The ladder itself is constructed of two 20ft long nylon straps that are 15.7″ in width. It features 12 hard plastic rungs that are adjustable up to 20″ for plenty of space in-between each rung. As one of the larger, roomier agility ladders on the list, we highly recommend this option to those in serious training.

With a stylish black and orange design, this ladder is great for use both in and outdoors because it is highly visible at all times. Furthermore, the cones it features allow users to practice drills for various sports spanning from soccer and football to basketball, hockey, and more. Because this ladder also has four durable hooks, it’s easy to secure it in place, so you don’t have to wonder whether it will shift on you.

YISSVIC Agility Ladder and Cones
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Traied Agility Ladder Bundle

Featuring one of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing designs on our list of the best agility ladders for improving speed, the Trained Agility Ladder Bundle is another great pick if you’re looking to get a bit more out of your agility ladder. Especially if you’re also looking to improve your skills, footwork, speed, and explosiveness in all sports. With an eyecatching black and bright green design, this speed ladder kit is great for children and adults with 12 high-quality, fully adjustable plastic rings that can be spaced closer or further apart to alter the level of challenge.

Recommended for weight loss, the Trained Agility Ladder Bundle comes with several informational books on various exercises and ladder agility drills to get your heart pumping and burning calories. This set delivers full-color graphics and detailed explanations in terms of physical exercise. Whether you’re looking to increase your speed, improve your coordination, or improve your brain control, this bundle has you covered with everything you need to step up your physical fitness routine. Thanks to its convenience and adjustability, this selection is ideal for children and the elderly, allowing you to remain active at your speed.

Trained Agility Ladder Bundle
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Ohuhu Agility Ladder Speed Training Set

If you’re familiar with agility ladders, you’ve probably heard of the brand Ohuhu. Either way, the Ohuhu Agility Ladder Speed Training Set is everything you can want in an agility ladder. Gronk Fitness Products says this inexpensive tool is the perfect addition to any workout routine for several reasons ⁠— namely, convenience. With this agility ladder, it only takes seconds to roll it out and start getting active, making it a great selection for various purposes ranging from soccer drills to sports medicine. Complete with 12 football cones and a helpful training manual, this bundle provides everything you need to begin agility ladder training.

The ladder has 12, 17″ rungs crafted from durable plastic. Much like the other ladders on this list, these rungs are also adjustable, allowing the user up to 17″ of space in-between each rung. Additionally, its long straps are made from high-quality pp material, so you don’t have to worry about buying multiple ladders ⁠— this one is designed to last for the long term. Last but not least, if you prefer to exercise outside rather than indoors, this selection comes with a carrying case and four rust-resistant stakes so you can secure the ladder and work out anywhere your heart desires. Priced at just $22, this product is more than worth the investment.

Ohuhu Agility Ladder
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Get Your Agility Ladder Today

Whether you’ve never heard of an agility ladder drill or you practice them regularly, the best agility ladder will give you a dependable structure for reliable workouts with the flexibility needed to go at your own pace, enjoying a variety of exercises for different purposes. From children to teenagers and even the elderly, adding an agility ladder to your physical routine can increase your speed, balance, and mood. Choose from one of the best agility ladders for improving speed today to see for yourself.

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