Samsung Gear Fit2 Review: How Does It Stack Up?

Key Points

  • This complete Samsung Gear Fit2 review dives into the specs, features, and benefits of this product.

  • Use this Samsung Gear Fit2 review to compare against other Samsung smartwatches, including the Galaxy Fit2, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, and Galaxy Watch5.

  • The Galaxy Fit3 is set to release in early 2023.

When it comes to smartwatches, Samsung has it all. Whether you want to track your fitness or respond to calls and texts, Samsung has a product for you.

The original Samsung watch is the Samsung Gear Fit2, but many other watches have been released since it burst onto the scene in 2016. Dive into the options and determine which one is best for your personal fitness needs.

Reviewing the Samsung Gear Fit2

Before you make an informed choice, you need the deets:

Price and Release Date

In June 2016, the Samsung Gear Fit2 was one of the first smartwatches to hit the market, selling for $199. This watch is no longer available to purchase new, but you can easily find it used or renewed on websites like eBay and Amazon. A recent search found it for $165 on Amazon.

The watch is still supported by both Android and Apple phones.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Magenta


The Samsung Gear Fit2 is a dainty smartwatch with a 1.5" rectangular screen. It comes with a silicone band, which makes it ideal for sweaty workouts. The display has a pixel density of up to 322ppi (pixels per inch), providing detailed graphics.

This watch comes with 4GB of onboard storage for music and applications.

The Gear Fit2 comes with a charging dock. All you have to do is rest it on the dock each night to power it up. After a full charge, the battery life lasts between three to four days.

Fitness Tracking

This watch has several fitness-tracking capabilities. It has a built-in GPS so you can track your walks and runs. The Gear Fit2 also comes with heart-rate monitoring, automatic exercise detection, and calorie tracking.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 aims to get you up and moving. This watch provides an "inactive timer" that shows how long you have been at rest, which is intended to be your hint to get a move on.

Everyday Use

The Samsung Gear Fit2 allows you to check your smartphone notifications directly from your watch. The watch pairs with apps such as Spotify, which lets you control your music directly from your device.

Two adults look at smartwatches while working out

Pros and Cons

The Samsung Gear Fit2 is a great choice for a basic smartwatch. If you don't mind purchasing a refurbished watch, you can save a few bucks by buying this device.

This watch provides you with all of the basic fitness information you need to track your workouts: calories burned, time spent exercising, and heart rate zones. It is also perfect for runners who want to track their runs without bringing their phones along.

On the other hand, there are a few things that may make you shy away from this device. It has a much shorter battery life than many smartwatches. The Gear Fit2's three or four-day battery life is much shorter than that of many smartwatches. For example, the Garmin Fenix 6, can last up to 14 days without a charge.

The Gear Fit2 is not the best option if you want detailed fitness information. This watch only provides the basics, so you won't receive any details about your progress, fitness levels, or recovery.

Because the Samsung Gear Fit2 is not waterproof, it is also not ideal if you exercise in or near the water. It can easily become damaged if exposed to moisture.

If you are looking for a waterproof version of this watch, check out the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is a smart option for those who want a more recent Samsung smartwatch that still prioritizes the smaller screen. This device is still shown on Samsung's website, although it is often sold out. You can easily purchase a used version of this watch on resale websites.

Woman stretches while wearing smartwatch

Price and Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 was released in 2020 and retails for $91.


This smartwatch is designed to be lightweight and easy to wear with a 1.1" color screen. The device is controlled using the touchscreen and a single button under it. The device can be navigated by swiping left and right to change activities.

This smartwatch has a battery life of up to 15 days, making it great for people who want something they can wear for days at a time without worrying about remembering to put it on the charger.

Fitness Tracking

The Galaxy Fit2 tracks workouts, counts steps, and monitors sleep if worn overnight. This watch allows you to manually start a workout by choosing from a list of pre-selected exercises. It can also track workouts automatically just in case you forget to start.

The Galaxy Fit2 is waterproof and can be worn in the water to track swims and gather data such as stroke count, distance swam, and swim efficiency.

Unlike the Gear Fit2, the Galaxy Fit2 does not have GPS tracking. This makes it less ideal for runners who rely solely on distance tracking, but more ideal for those who prefer motion sensor-based tracking.

Everyday Use

This device offers more smartwatch-style features than the Gear Fit2 including notifications, music controls, and weather forecasts. You can also customize your watch face with a variety of different pictures and designs.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can respond to messages from your watch. If you have an Apple phone, you cannot use your watch to respond to messages, although you can view them.

Woman checks smartwatch while working out in urban downtown

The Pros and Cons

The Galaxy Fit2 is an upgraded version of the Gear Fit2. It is a better option for those who are more interested in a smartwatch and less interested in a fitness tracker since there are many great features for everyday use. The battery life on this device cannot be beaten. With 15 days of battery life, you can easily wear this watch day and night without worrying about it dying midday.

This is also a great option for swimmers.

Unlike many smartwatches, the Galaxy Fit2 is not only waterproof but also provides valuable data about your swimming techniques.

The cons of this device are few and far between.

As mentioned before, the lack of GPS means you can't track how far you walk or run unless you have your phone handy. Some users have reported the automatic workout tracker sometimes shows they are working out when they aren't.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a beautifully-designed smartwatch that came out a year after the Galaxy Fit2. This watch can still be purchased directly from Samsung's website.

Man works out in warehouse with smartwatch

Price and Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic was released in the summer of 2021 and is priced at $379.


This smartwatch looks like a traditional watch, with a 1.2" circular screen. You can navigate your way around the different menus by rotating the bezel on the outside of the watch. This watch comes with 16GB of storage and is nice and bright with a 60Hz display.

The device comes with a flat charging dock that is connected by a USB port, so all you have to do is set your watch on top of the charger to power it up. Samsung estimates the Galaxy Watch4 Classic can last up to 40 hours on a single charge.

Fitness Tracking

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a solid option for those who want detailed fitness tracking features. This device has the new Samsung BioActive Sensor, which can measure your ECG in real time. With this feature, you can check and monitor your heart rate and rhythm.

This device also has a built-in blood oxygen measurement that lets you check the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream at any time.

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic also measures body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, and body mass index to help you track and meet your fitness goals. Track your workout with the over 90 types of exercises preloaded onto the device.

This smartwatch is ideal for runners and cyclists. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic provides advanced insights for these workouts, allowing you to set timers for interval training and track how you recover from your workout.

Man checks smartwatch while running on a trail

Everyday Use

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic is made to look like a normal watch, so you can wear it with any outfit. The watch bands can easily be changed out to customize your look. The Watch4 Classic is a great tool for your daily life as well. With just a few taps, you can open up your Google Wallet, respond to text messages, and view notifications.

This device also responds to Google Assistant, so your watch can respond to "Hey Google."

This smartwatch even works while you sleep. If you wear it overnight, the watch analyzes your sleep stages, measures your blood oxygen levels, and even detects if you are snoring. It uses this information to provide you with techniques for developing healthy sleeping habits.

The Pros and Cons

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is great for those who want a stylish watch that can help track fitness goals. This watch has more advanced exercise information than either the Gear Fit2 or Galaxy Fit2. This device is a great investment for runners and cyclists interested in getting into the nitty-gritty of their fitness statistics.

The main downside of the Watch4 Classic is its short battery life. Many people report the watch dying after more than a day of frequent use. This issue can be remedied by placing it on the charger each night.

This watch is also on the pricier side, so may not be the best option if you are on a budget.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is the latest and greatest smartwatch from the brand. This product is available for purchase directly on Samsung's website.

Price and Release Date

This watch was released in the fall of 2022 and pricing begins at $359.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 comes in both a 40mm model with a 1.19" screen and a 44mm model with a 1.39" screen. Just like the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, the screen is circular to mimic a traditional watch and has 16GB of storage.

The battery for this smartwatch is slightly bigger than the previous version, so the charge lasts longer than the Classic. This device comes with a wireless charging pad.

Fitness Tracking

The fitness tracking capabilities of the Galaxy Watch5 are almost identical to the Watch4 Classic. The Watch5 has made minor improvements in features such as the BioActive Sensor, which gives you more accurate heart rate and wellness readings with its new curved sensor design.

Everyday Use

The Galaxy Watch5 screen is made with sapphire crystal, making it more durable than the Classic and great for preventing wear and tear over time.

If the Classic's sleep tracking feature excited you, then you will love the Galaxy Watch5. The new device offers even more detailed sleep insights. Its new sleep coaching feature analyzes your sleep patterns and creates a five-week program with helpful tips and checklists for better sleep habits.

The Pros and Cons

This device offers the same benefits as the Watch4 Classic. It is great for tracking fitness goals and can give you detailed feedback about your workouts. The battery life of this version is greatly improved with this version, so if you forget to charge your device it won't die as quickly.

Many customers enjoy the Classic's bezel feature. The Galaxy Watch5 does not have this feature. Once again, this watch is a bit pricier than other versions, so you will want to consider how much you are willing to spend.

Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy Fit3

If you still aren't convinced by any of these products, then hold out for the Samsung Galaxy Fit3. This smartwatch is set to release sometime in the first half of 2023. The price point is expected to be similar to the Galaxy Fit2 cost of around $100.

Which Watch Is Best for You?

Samsung continues to impress with each smartwatch release. Any of these products can be a great option for you based on your specific preferences.

If you want a simple look, then the Gear Fit models are the way to go. If you want advanced fitness tracking and a larger display, then the Galaxy watches are for you.

No matter what you decide, any one of these watches will get you up and moving in no time.

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