Best Moisture Wicking Underwear for Men and Women

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Moisture-wicking underwear is excellent for people who are naturally sweaty, work out a lot, or just want a really comfortable pair of underwear. This type of underwear can be used for so many activities, and this article can provide you with a list of the best moisture-wicking underwear options for men and women. 

What is Moisture Wicking Underwear?

If you’ve ever worked out in regular panties, you’re aware of how sweat can stick to your body and make you quite uncomfortable. People who wear boxer briefs know how they can ride up and get really uncomfortable in hot weather or during an intensive workout. The best way to avoid issues like these is to buy moisture-wicking underwear

Moisture-wicking underwear works by drawing sweat into the fabric but pushing it to the outlier to evaporate. Regular underwear simply absorbs and holds onto sweat which can cause a lot of problems. Sweat-soaked underwear can cause stains or odors. People who sweat often might notice they chafe more when they do, which is uncomfortable and can be dangerous since underwear protects such a vulnerable area. Being able to wick sweat off can help in more ways than one. 

Moisture-wicking underwear specifically draws liquid away from the body. This means that if you are fond of comfortable and useful period panties, you’ll love moisture-wicking underwear. While most of the time, these underwear are marketed to diffuse sweat, they also have the capabilities of being period proof.

Benefits of Moisture Wicking Underwear

Anyone that works out regularly or is on a sports team understands the frustration of clinging to underwear. If you often struggle with sweat-soaked underwear, then you know how it can be gross and painful. Fabric that clings to the body can cause chafing, and it can also increase stains or odor. 

These sweat-wicking panties will help stop sweat stains from appearing on your panties or boxer briefs. Instead, they’ll help you feel cool during hot days and vigorous exercise

The biggest benefit of sweat-wicking underwear is that it removes liquids like sweat before they become an issue, and this makes regular life much more comfortable. 

Another huge benefit to this underwear is that they help you stay cool during otherwise sweaty environments. By regulating your body temperature, you can feel more relaxed in your body and not worry about any stain issues. They help the wearer feel more comfortable and cool. This underwear also wards off bacteria, and since they protect such vulnerable areas, this is an incredibly important aspect. 

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear for Men and Women 

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1. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Coolblend Moisture Wicking Panties

Fruit of the Loom is a trusted brand and makes effective moisture-wicking underwear for women. These cool blend panties are imported and easy to care for since they’re machine washable. Fruit of the Loom uses a blend of moisture-wicking fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and spandex. They utilize these materials strategically with a 100% cotton liner to make them breathable and comfortable. The rest of the panties are made with a 54% cotton, 40% polyester, and 6% spandex blend to optimize comfort and breathability.

These panties come in two four-packs with the option to pick a bikini-style panty or a hi-cut style. People looking to purchase these moisture-wicking undergarments can choose between Fruit of the Loom’s special size guide, which includes sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. These sizes have corresponding measurements available on the products page to help ensure any potential customers buy the correct measurements for them.

This product is designed to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. This brand considered how the tags in underwear are typically bulky and annoying, so they designed a tag-free product that has a soft microfiber leg and waistband. This special moisture-wicking material can make anyone wearing them feel more comfortable. Whether they’re wearing these panties to work out or as period panties, they can trust that they’ll feel soft, breathable, and safe.

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2. Warner’s Women’s Blissful Benefits Breathable Moisture-Wicking Microfiber Brief

Warner’s women’s blissful benefits breathable moisture-wicking microfiber underwear comes in multiple three-pack styles. Each three-pack has six different size options; small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and 3x-large. Anyone looking to purchase a three-pack of these panties has the choice between five different color combinations. They can choose a black, toasted almond, and vivacious color choice, a black, white, and platinum option, lavender macaron, white, and navy, rosewater, pearled ivory, and coral, or a toasted almost, butterscotch, and black panty three-pack. Although there are a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing colors, you cannot mix and match color options as they’re only set up in preset packs. 

These machine-washable panties have a dig-free comforting waistband. Although they have a cotton gusset, the company uses its moisture-wicking fabrics diligently as the rest of the panties are made from other liquid-resistant fabrics. These panties offer breathable moisture-wicking microfiber fabric with an 88% polyester and a 12% elastane blend. They also offer full coverage as these panties are brief styled and will sit at the high waist. These are great choices for people looking to find everyday panty options since they’re comfortable, moisture-wicking, and budget-friendly. 

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3. Womens Underwear, Breathable Wicking Underwear Sports Soft Tagless Briefs Comfortable Hipster Panties for Women

This women’s underwear offers a soft and breathable sports quality material. There are five size options when it comes to purchasing these panties. Every pair comes in a five-pack, and they can be bought in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. These five packs have different color combinations. One of them has shades of gray, black, pink, and brown, while another has more vibrant color choices like blue, purple, pink, black, and yellow. If you want a more traditional choice, one of the five packs has all gray and black underwear. These full-coverage panties are hand-washed only thanks to their delicate microfiber material. 

As with all moisture-wicking clothing, these panties are made of specific materials that can allow sweat to soak through its fabric and evaporate on the top layer of it. The fabric making these materials has special mesh on the sides to offer more breathability and health for those with the underwear. Hipster panties like these have a tag-free elastic waistband with spandex leg lines to fully cover up the rear without risking any accidental exposures. This underwear won’t ride up, which makes them perfect for people who love biking or partaking in yoga. They’re odor-resistant and can help the wearer maintain a free comfortable feeling throughout their day. 

4. Hanes Cotton Low-Rise Panties Pack, No Ride-up, Moisture-Wicking Underwear for Women

These 100% cotton important underwear are machine washable and budget-friendly. Hanes has made a singular multipack color assorted low-rise moisture-wicking panty. These panties come in different shades of blue and pink with a few pattern options and a traditional black and white style. Although there is only one color option, Hanes included at least five different size options to purchase these, including sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. These underwear boast their no-ride-up brief fit since they’re specially designed with a low-rise fit to support lower waistlines. The leg bands are designed to stay in place and offer extreme comfort.

These panties are made with preshrunk cotton, and the patterned styles come with a 75% cotton and 25% polyester mix, which offers the most comfort and moisture-wicking technology. They’re excellent for everyday wear or for women who wish to wear them for their trip to the gym. They also offer special drying and cooling materials to make them as soft as possible. Many panties have annoyingly bulky tags that can irritate the skin, but these panties are made with a special no-tag logo making them extra comfortable for those who purchase them. 

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5. Hanes Men’s Tagless Cool Dri Boxer Briefs with ComfortFlex Waistband

Just as with the previous pair, Hanes made another excellent choice of moisture-wicking underwear marketed for men. These boxer briefs come in multipacks that offer different amounts of underwear, different color options, and different sizes. Ten different choices include a mixture of a 12-pack, 7-pack, 6-pack, or 5-pack boxer brief options. Each pack has a multitude of color assortments, and although there is no way to mix and match them, customers can preview what those color assortments are. Hanes provides about six different size options, including small, medium, large, x-large, x-large, and 3x-large. 

Imported materials are used to create these ultra-comfortable boxer briefs, but these machine-washable clothes are friendly and made from 100% cotton to keep them cool on soft all day long. Their special moisture-wicking material helps remove sweat before it becomes an issue. Hanes knows that tags can become quite uncomfortable in the nether region, so they designed their underwear without tags. They also included a flex waistband to prevent ride-ups and allow for full flexibility. 

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6. Hanes Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs Pack, Moisture-Wicking Men’s Mesh Underwear, X-Temp Cooling with Odor Control

Hanes made another successful moisture-wicking underwear pack marketed toward men. These boxer briefs come in a 3-pack with assorted colors. They’re made from high-quality material with an 88% polyester and 12% spandex fabric blend. This imported fabric is excellent at keeping you dry and comfortable in hot environments and is user-friendly since they’re machine washable.

The fabric is extra soft and is made to move with you, so you won’t feel restricted or held back when wearing these. 

All of these briefs have special qualities, so they’re made to help men stay cool. They adapt to your temperature and provide airflow no matter what weather the day brings.

This brand also developed advanced odor protection and embedded it in these underwear. The moisture-wicking quality helps prevent odors, but they go the extra mile with this special development.

The waistband on these briefs makes sure the briefs stay in place but remain flexible. They move with you, so you don’t have to worry about riding up. Their secure design ensures they stay in place, so you don’t have to get uncomfortable or adjust yourself at any point during wear. 

Hanes knows tags can be annoying, so they purposely left tags out because these briefs are made with comfort in mind. They offer sizes ranging from small to 3XL to ensure everyone can find the right size and fit boxer briefs. 

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7. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Classic Fit w/Wicking 3-Pack Boxer Briefs

Polo Ralph Lauren created 100% imported machine-washable boxer briefs. These briefs are available in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large sizes to ensure anyone can find the right fit for themselves. 

Each pack comes with three boxers, and there is a wide variety of color options to choose from. Some of these packs have traditional colors like all-white, gray, or black packs. But some of these briefs some in other explosive shades of red, green, blue, or purple. This brand also offers fun patterns like stripes or boxers that have the Polo Ralph Lauren symbol graced across the fabric.

These boxer briefs can help you stay cool when working out or on any hot day. They’ll regulate your body temperature while the breathable cotton allows you to relax. The elastic waistband allows you to move unrestrictedly and won’t prevent you from feeling comfortable all day.

These boxer briefs are designed to stay in place for the longevity of their wear. You don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting your underwear when you decide to purchase Polo Ralph Lauren underwear.

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8. Reebok Men’s 3 Pack Performance Quick Dry Moisture Wicking Boxer Briefs

Reebok makes great fitness gear, and it makes sense that this brand would excel in moisture-wicking boxers. Moisture-wicking underwear isn’t solely for exercising, but it does provide a lot of help to people who work out often.

These boxers come in three packs that offer small, medium, large, or x-large size options. There are four different color packs to choose from. If you want more traditional colors, you can purchase black and gray colors. Other more colorful pack options can come in maritime blue and medium gray, gray, blue, and black, or even blue, navy, and black. This brand ensures they offer sizes and colors that will fit everyone’s bodies and aesthetics. 

These boxers are made of fine moisture-wicking materials. Depending on the colors you purchase, you can expect to get a 92% polyester and 8% spandex or 100% polyester blend. Both of these options provide moisture-wicking benefits, including keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

This quick-dry fabric also helps rapidly transport sweat away from the body before it becomes an issue. Allowing the person wearing the briefs to feel dry and relaxed. These also help prevent any odors or stains from setting into the fabrics, which can cause undesirable effects. This special fabric also ensures you won’t get irritated skin or experience chaffing.

This brand boasts about its high stretch performance, allowing for greater mobility during their stretch. This makes it easier for you to perform more intense workouts. If you move a lot for your job or want to work out in these, the stretch forms to your body for optimal comfort, ensuring you won’t feel restricted by your underwear in any way. 

The microfiber waistband and the six-inch inseam ensure these boxer briefs stay in place while they’re worn. They’re tag-free, so anyone wearing them doesn’t have to get irritated by those annoying paper tags that are usually attached to underwear. These boxer briefs also offer a contour pouch to help really provide as much freedom of movement as possible. 

How to Pick the Right Pair for You

The best underwear choice for you will depend on your intended use. If you want period underwear, hiking underwear, or workout underwear, then you might want to prioritize the different qualities moisture-wicking underwear offers. 

For example, a good pair of period panties shouldn’t be made of merino wool, but if you want a solid pair of hiking underwear, then merino wool could make your hikes more comfortable. Both travel underwear and exercise underwear would benefit from sport mesh which can provide flexibility, comfort, and breathability. 

Comfortable underwear will be stretchy, and you won’t feel panty lines digging into your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to focus on seamless thong options or seamless underwear in general. People who plan to have high-intensity workouts in their new moisture-wicking underwear would benefit from underwear that is made with flatlock seams. The flatlock seams will ensure your underwear can last extra long while you work out in them as much as you want.

If you struggle with excessive sweating, try to avoid any cotton boxer briefs. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, but things like polyester are much better at getting rid of sweat faster, so cotton undies might make you uncomfortable and cause skin irritations or chafing.

Just make sure to purchase underwear that will be most functional, useful, and appealing to you. If you don’t like bikini brief style underwear, don’t try to force yourself to wear them now. Instead, focus on buying a pair of moisture-wicking underwear that you know you’ll love so this way you get the most out of your purchase. After all, you can’t enjoy the benefits of this underwear if you never wear them. 

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