Best Fitness Equipment for 2023

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Key Points

  • Using quality fitness equipment makes a significant impact on both your workouts and your health.

  • Choose your preferred exercise method, then add equipment to your home gym that is specific to those activities.

  • Premium fitness equipment makes achieving your fitness goals more fun and engaging.

When it comes to improving your health, investing in high-quality workout gear and fitness equipment is an essential step toward improved wellness. Having and using the right equipment enhances your performance during exercise. It also prevents injuries and increases the effectiveness of your workouts.

With so many fitness equipment options on the market, choosing the right gear is overwhelming but also extremely easy when you know what you're looking for.

Imagine a dart game at the carnival with so many balloons you can't miss — but which one do you target? The tiny teddy bear gets the job done, but you know you really, really, really want that giant panda.

Investing in pieces you use — and use well — significantly impacts your fitness journey. From comfy, supportive shoes to durable and versatile equipment that keeps workouts fresh and exciting, perfect pieces make a huge difference in your progress and success.

Why Worry About the Brand?

There are reasons Nike, Adidas, and Rogue stand the test of time. They provide high-quality products that deliver what they promise.

Superior performance and durability make going the distance in your workouts easier. Personal trainer Bret Contreras perfectly sums up the commitment to a fitness journey:

"You can have results, or you can have excuses. You can't have both."

It's much easier to get your desired results by investing in the right tools to get you there.

Choosing premium equipment means spending some money upfront. How many tickets are you prepared to spend to get that coveted prize — the panda? What you gain in better health and vitality is well worth the cost of developing your own gym and workout wardrobe.

Substandard brands save you a few bucks but may not last long enough to take your workouts to the next level. 

Whether you’re looking for new shoes or a new half rack, quality fitness equipment is a better investment than poorly made imitations of brand-name workout gear. Consider the many benefits you gain from purchasing the right materials for your workouts.

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Improved Performance

Premium workout wear and equipment enhance your performance during exercise, helping you push harder and ultimately achieve better results. Looking smart in your new duds increases self-confidence. You find yourself attempting an extra superset because of your stylish clothes.

Improved Safety

Investing in sturdy equipment designed for your specific needs and preferred exercise reduces the risk of injury during activity. You do not want to wear cross trainers or basketball shoes when attempting your first marathon. Your feet would have something to say about that!


Access to the right equipment and clothing at home makes it easier to stick to your workout routine and fit exercise into your busy schedule. It's harder to find excuses to take the day off from your workout when your fitness equipment is at your fingertips.


Quality equipment costs are higher but more cost-effective in the long run. They are more durable and give you fewer maintenance problems that cost you money for repairs and time away from your workout.


Finding workout machines for multiple exercises and workouts adds variety to your routine. With many options and activities, there's no boredom to sabotage your fitness success.


Superior fitness products and equipment are often designed with your comfort in mind, allowing you to exercise longer without discomfort or pain. 

Where Do I Start?

Regular exercise and physical activity make managing your weight and reducing your risk of chronic illnesses and conditions easier.

Research shows exercise:

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Promotes better sleep quality

  • Enhances energy

  • Improves mood and mental well-being

Even the best intentions sometimes fail. Sticking to a regular fitness routine is challenging. The demands of daily life, unforeseen circumstances, and even physical health get in the way.

The perceived barriers of time, motivation, and cost need not be issues — if you have the right equipment.

Which exercise program fits you best?

Maybe you’re new to the whole fitness game. Walking is the only thing that sounds appealing and possible right now. That's okay. It's a good start.

If you are a seasoned exerciser, consider upgrading your workout for efficiency and better results.

What do you love doing? How does your body feel during and after these workouts? Do you want to make changes to your body and physique?

Your answers tell you what exercise and exertion level is right for you.

Gym fitness equipment

The Fitness Equipment Jungle

Fighting your way through a jungle of equipment becomes easier once you narrow down your preferred exercise method. A nice blend of cardio, weight training, and flexibility is perfect for fitness success and good health.  

Cardio Equipment

If cardio is your jam, consider adding these to your wish list.


Treadmills offer the convenience of walking or running indoors. Look for models with varying inclines and speeds. Built-in heart rate monitoring is necessary for those with cardiovascular and blood pressure concerns.

Additional safety features like front and side rails, emergency stop options, and non-slip belts give you powerful equipment to transform your whole body.

Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is a low-impact machine for aerobic exercise, burning many calories quickly. This training tool provides both lower and upper-body training to give you an efficient, full-body workout.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine mimics the action of rowing a boat, focusing on the arms, back, and leg muscles. When buying a rowing machine, look for pulley models or water rowers that provide smooth action and reduce injuries.

Strength Training

Of all types of exercises, strength training is the most effective at sculpting muscle and improving agility while preventing degenerative bone loss as we age.

Those who strength train two to three times per week reap the following benefits:

  • Higher metabolic rates

  • Significantly more strength

  • Lower body fat percentage

  • Fewer incidents of injury and illness

Exercise Mat

You don't need a full home rack to benefit from strength training. Dumbells, resistance bands, and your own body weight are enough to yield impressive results.

An exercise mat with plenty of cushioned comfort provides a soft surface for floor workouts. Look for nonslip mats with plenty of padding for knees, elbows, and other sharp joints.

Exercise Bench

An exercise bench allows you to perform bench presses, shoulder flies, abdominal crunches, and several other exercises. Sturdy is the name of the game when choosing an exercise bench. It must hold your weight and any weight you add to your frame. Padded models with adjustable platforms offer many options for working the upper and lower body.

Hand Weights

Adding weights to your workout amps up your results and improves strength. Choose weights within your current capabilities — and perhaps a bit beyond — to encourage muscle confusion and build new fibers that make you stronger. Muscle confusion occurs when you mix up your workouts and challenge muscles with new movements and heavier weights, yielding more strength and definition.

Dumbbells with padded center bars allow for a more comfortable grip. Add extra stability to exercises like the bench press by adding a barbell to your home gym.

Commercial gym complex

Resistance Bands and Tubes

Resistance bands allow you to work your entire body without taking up much space. Lightweight and portable resistance bands and tubes come in various strengths, allowing you to customize your workouts at home or on the go.

Half Racks, Full Racks

Half racks and full racks are great additions to your home gym. They allow versatility in choosing preferred exercises and provide structure to ensure safety during physical activity.

Compared to purchasing individual machines that work out one part of the body, these pieces offer total workout efficiency and sturdiness that lasts for thousands of workouts. 

Full and half racks cost more than other types of fitness equipment, but their variety and convenience justify your investment. If you have a designated home gym space, consider adding one to exponentially improve workout efficiency.

Workout Wear

Goodness, gracious! With all these stellar pieces of equipment at your disposal, what does it look like if you approach your next sweat session wearing the ratty pajamas you had on last night?

This quality equipment deserves dedicated workout wear that lets you feel better, look better, and perform better. 

Best Fitness Equipment for 2023

The following is a “who’s who” of the best fitness pieces for your gym bag or home gym. Mix and match, choose your faves, and prepare to see some serious gains this year and beyond.

How many do you use to create your dream body?

Best Treadmill: Nordic Track New Comercial 2450 Treadmill

The NordicTrack 2450 is a durable, dependable treadmill suitable for casual and serious runners. It offers a wide range of training options, such as:

  • 15 percent incline

  • -3 percent decline

  • Max speed of 12 mph

  • Flex cushioning technology

NordicTrack considers every need when crafting this excellent piece of equipment.

An attractive feature is the Commercial 2450's crystal-clear 22" touchscreen display. This allows you to stream live and on-demand workouts using iFit. Enjoy a virtual run through the stunning landscapes of Ireland, England, and Scotland without leaving the comfort of your home gym.

NordicTrack comes with a complimentary 30-day family iFit membership that costs $39 a month afterward. This is an excellent choice for walkers and runners who want quality, versatility, and entertainment all rolled into one.

Simple workout equipment against gym wall

Best Elliptical: NordicTrack Commercial 14.9

If you’re in the market for a premium elliptical machine, the NordicTrack 14.9 is an excellent choice for the home or office. Boasting a maximum incline of 20 percent and 26 resistance settings, it provides plenty of challenge for fitness enthusiasts at various stages.

The 14.9 has an auto-adjustment function that automatically alters your incline and resistance levels during live classes, allowing you to concentrate on your workout without distractions. Its features include a 14" touchscreen display, oversized cushioned pedals, a fan, and comfortable handgrips.

Like other NordicTrack products, the Commercial 14.9 includes a free 30-day iFit family membership, allowing you access to hundreds of workouts to break in those pedals.

Best Rowing Machine: Hydrow Rower

Rowing machines are an excellent option for increasing heart rate and toning the entire body without straining joints. The Hydrow Rower is well-constructed, featuring a solid aluminum and steel frame. It provides a smooth, silent ride that mimics outdoor rowing.

The Hydrow's adjustable footbed, 22" rotating touch screen, and two speakers give you the ultimate immersive workout experience.

What sets the Hydrow apart from other rowing machines is that all interactive classes are filmed on the water and led by professional rowers. This adds an extra element of interest and authenticity to your workouts.

Best Workout Mat: Gaiam Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat

A workout mat is a versatile and indispensable piece of exercise equipment used for various activities like yoga, stretching, weight lifting, and even HIIT workouts. Even with the many options on the market, the Gaiam Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat stands out as an excellent choice for fitness pursuits.

Easy to clean and featuring a textured non-slip surface, you’re safe and stable through even your most vigorous workouts. Its six millimeters of extra padding provide a comfortable and supportive surface for any position. 

Workout bands, rollers, and weights

Best Workout Bench: Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench

With nearly 18,000 online reviews as a testament to its quality, the Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench is a highly regarded piece of workout equipment that delivers the goods. This versatile bench offers six back and four seat positions to create the most comprehensive, full-body workouts.

Made of premium steel and durable leather, the Flybird can withstand hours of heavy use. Its foldable, lightweight design makes it simple to move and store.

Best Hand Weights: Rogue Dumbbells

Those who prefer traditional dumbbells favor the Rogue Dumbbell, with its trademark hexagonal shape and signature rubber coating for extra safety. Available in weight increments ranging from 2.5 lbs to over 125 lbs, you have options for leveling up to complete your home gym setup.

Rogue Dumbbells are compatible with Kettle Gryp, a specially-crafted handle that converts traditional dumbbells for kettlebell exercises, providing even more options for workout fun.

Best Resistance Bands: Whatafit Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent option for people short on space and looking for cost-effective ways to add intensity to workouts. Most bands are color-coded according to tension. Buying a set gives you the most bang for your buck regarding growth and versatility.

Whatafit Resistance Bands are highly rated, offering a resistance range of 10 to 50 pounds individually and up to 150 pounds when combined. With comfort grip handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor, you have all the necessary equipment for on-the-go workout success.

Best Power Racks: PRx Performance

If you are into heavy lifting, check out the power rack by PRx Performance. The rack is unique because it bolts to the wall and folds up when not in use. It’s perfect for those with limited space.

Sturdy construction and high-quality materials support up to 1000 pounds. The PRx package includes heavy-duty J-cups for securely holding your barbells and weight plates. Sculpt and shape your beautiful physique with one of the best power racks.

Best Workout Wear for Women: Nimble

Nimble produces sustainable and eco-friendly workout wear for women. They use plastic bottles and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and Tencel for their comfortable, functional activewear.

Workout wear includes a wide range of leggings, shorts, sports bras, tanks, and jackets. Designs are fashionable and functional, with features like high-waisted bands, phone pockets, and quick-drying technology.

These innovations provide the most comfortable and efficient workout.

Best Workout Wear for Men: Rhone

Rhone is an innovative company offering high-quality workout options for men. The company prioritizes performance and comfort without sacrificing style — ensuring you look good during physical activity. 

With a variety of shorts, tops, pants, jackets, and accessories, Rhone’s designs feature moisture-wicking fabric, anti-odor properties, and flexible material for a full range of motion. 

Home workout equipment

Best Shoes: Nike

Nike still corners the market when it comes to offering shoes that deliver performance, support, and flexibility for all sports and activities. With a high-quality, lightweight design, Nike commits to support and maximum comfort with all its various designs.

Strong rubber outsoles and flexible padding suit you up for success. Their broad, flat heels support maximum stability whether you’re running or powerlifting.

With a style and color to complement nearly any workout ensemble, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your needs.

Ready, Set, Go!

Congratulations on taking another step toward a healthy lifestyle by investing in quality fitness equipment.

A fitness program is a journey, not a destination. Time, patience, and dedication yield the desired results.

With the right mindset and willingness to push yourself, you achieve your fitness goals and reap the rewards of a healthy, happy life.

Look for more valuable information on health and fitness at FitnessCorner. Start sculpting your healthiest, best self!

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