Best Cooling Towels for the Outdoors

Staying Cool While Hiking

Hiking can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it is essential to dress appropriately. You will want to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. It is also necessary to protect yourself from the sun’s heat and harmful rays. Here are a few tips for what to wear while hiking:

Pack a backpack with water, snacks, and extra clothes in case of bad weather or an unexpected delay. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move quickly. Shorts and a t-shirt are a good choice, but you may also want to bring a jacket or raincoat. Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from the sun. Wear sturdy shoes or boots that protect your feet from rocks and other obstacles. Read on to understand the dangers of hiking and overheating, and see some of our favorite cooling towels to beat the heat! 

What To Expect While Hiking: 

There are many obstacles hikers should expect while out on the trails. These include weather changes, getting lost, and dealing with wildlife. Hiking preparation is important to overcome these events and make hikes more safe and enjoyable. Wearing proper hiking gear can help protect hikers from early morning cool temperatures and hot weather.

During the summer, wear a short sleeve shirt and shorts. Wearing hiking boots is also important and necessary to keep your feet warm. Bring a flashlight and extra batteries if you plan to go out at night. 

What To Take With You While Hiking: 

There is no definitive answer to this question, as what to take with you on a hike will vary depending on the terrain, weather conditions, and your preferences. However, hiking basics everyone should consider bringing are water, food, a first-aid kit, a map of the area, and a compass. Additionally, suppose you’re going to be hiking in a remote location. In that case, it’s important to bring along some basic survival supplies such as matches for making a fire, a knife for cutting wood, and a tent in case you have to spend the night outdoors. A cooling towel is also one of the most important items to bring while hiking. Most people hike during warmer months, and it’s vital to regulate your body temperature while hiking longer trails to avoid overheating. 

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Overheating While Hiking

Summertime means outdoor activities for many, but one hazard to be aware of is overheating. When hiking, it’s essential to take precautions against becoming too hot. Wear light-colored, loose clothing and a hat, drink plenty of fluids (avoid alcohol), and take breaks in the shade. If you feel overheated, stop hiking and rest in the shade until you cool down. If symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical help. 

Causes of Overheating From The Sun

There are several reasons why the sun can cause overheating. One reason is that the sun emits radiation in the form of light and heat. When this radiation hits the earth, it can raise the temperature of objects and air. Another reason is that when surfaces absorb the sun’s heat, it can cause them to warm up and then release that heat. This process, known as thermal expansion, can cause objects to become hot and explode. Finally, the wind can also play a role in causing overheating from the sun. When it blows across hot surfaces, it can create gusts of air that can increase temperatures even further. 

Symptoms of Overheating

Overheating is a condition that can occur in both people and animals. In people, it is often accompanied by a fever, which is a sign that the body is trying to fight off an infection. Other symptoms of overheating include sweating, feeling lightheaded or dizzy, and having a headache. In some cases, overheating can lead to seizures or even death. 

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Prevention of Overheating:

cooling towel is a great way to cool down quickly on a hot day. 

When the weather is hot and you need to cool down quickly, an instant cooling towel can be a great way to do it. Cooling towels are made of unique materials that help cool you down when wet. Use them as a neck wrap or around the forehead.

Staying hydrated is also important. Make sure you also have an adequate water supply and try to correlate the length of your hike with the amount of water you can carry with you. Also, finding time to rest, find shade, and wear sun-protective gear are also great ways to prevent overheating. 

How Cooling Towels Work: 

Cooling towels are activated by moisture. Usually, soaking a towel in cold water and ringing it out to dry will activate its instant cooling properties. As it dries, it cools down and provides you with instant relief. These towels are highly absorbent that help with excess sweat as well. 

Types of Cooling Towels:

Cooling towels are a great way to cool down quickly, and there are a few different types of cooling towels, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Phase Change Cooling Towel

A phase change cooling towel is made of material that changes phases from solid to liquid as it absorbs heat. When it comes into contact with sweat on the skin, it quickly absorbs the heat and starts to cool down the body. This cooling towel is lightweight and dries quickly, but it can be more expensive than other types. 

Gel Cooling Towel

A gel cooling towel is made of a polymer that retains cold for a long time. When moisture is applied to the towel, it absorbs the heat and then releases it slowly. The instant cooling effect is constant and durable. However, because it does not absorb sweat, it does not have as good a cooling effect as other types of cooling towels. 

Evaporative Cooling Towel

Evaporative cooling towels are most commonly used. They work by soaking up cold water and then releasing it slowly as evaporative cooling. This cooling wrap is very effective at cooling the body but can be heavy and take a while to dry. These towels are easy to use and ideal for just about any activity. All you need is water to activate its cooling abilities. Because of this towel’s versatile function, here is a list of the best evaporative cooling towels for the outdoors. 

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Erogdyne Chill Evaporating Cool Towel

Ergodyn’s cooling towel is an innovative tool made for outdoor use. Made of PVA material, it is lightweight and easy to carry with you on long hikes or throughout the day if you work outside. This fabulous towel works by running it under cold water for one minute, which activates its cool technology. If you’re outdoors, you can use a stream, water from your canister, or by finding a nearby hose/faucet. The cooling effect of this towel lasts up to four hours, providing you with long-term comfort and protection from overheating. 

Once the cooling towel air drys, it will become stiff and lightweight. Once it’s submerged in the water again, it will gain its flexibility. Erogdyne’s cooling towel is machine washable to keep it fresh after those long, hot days. This is the perfect towel for anyone going on long summer hikes and needs a way to cool down quickly and easily. Heat exhaustion can be very dangerous, and this cooling towel can help fight the onset of it. Hikers will also benefit from this towel because it helps fight fatigue and keeps you alert. This cooling towel also comes in a variety of bright, fun colors. 

Price: $6.23 – $6.56

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Sukeen Cooling Towel 4 Pack

Sukeen’s color towel is made from microfiber material, offering unbeatable absorption for hot days and sweaty workouts. The hyper evaporative material allows moisture to penetrate its fabric, providing you with a quick cooling effect. Place the towel in cold water, wring it out, and snap or fold it. Snapping the towel creates a cooling relief within the material. You’ll have up to three hours of cooling with Sukeen’s product. This towel contains no chemicals, making it an excellent option for anyone sensitive to certain additives or who prefers a more natural product. 

Sukeen offers a four-pack cooling towel which can be helpful while going on long hikes with multiple people. They are lightweight and easy to travel with. Each pack comes in various towels and colors that can help you find a towel for each family member or group member. Each also comes with a waterproof pouch and clip that you can hook onto your belt or hiking gear for easy access. Sukeen’s carrying pouch is made of reusable, eco-friendly material. After prolonged use, you may need to rinse this towel to remove any excess salt from the sweat it absorbs. Salt can reduce the towel’s evaporation and instant cooling sensation. Because of this towel’s sophisticated design and packaging, it makes an excellent accessory for the gym, yoga, swimming, golfing, and any activity where you’re likely to sweat a lot and need some instant cooling relief. 

Price: $17.99 – $20.99

Sukeen cooling towel 4-pack
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Frogg Toggs Cooling Towel 

Frogg Toggs chilly pad is the perfect ice towel for children. They offer it in various bright colors and even an American flag print. These towels are made of hyper evaporative material that allows them to retain moisture easily. Even though they may be moist, they’ll only feel dry to the touch. This towel works by soaking it in water which allows its cooling technology to become activated. These towels can cool down to 30 degrees, depending on the weather conditions. 

While being outdoors, there’s more than just heat exhaustion that you must be cautious about. Sun protection is also vital for providing a safe hike. Frogg Togg’s cooling towel offers an instant cooling effect and protects you from the sun. Wrapping this towel on different areas of your body can help prevent sunburn. You can use this towel for several years if you take proper care of it. Just like any towel, there will become a time when it needs to be washed and properly cleaned. The Frogg Togg’s cooling towel can be recycled because it’s made of organic material. If you’re a hiker, fisherman, or someone that goes to many sporting events, this towel is the perfect accessory for you. 

Price: $12:75 – $26.99

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YQXCC 4 Pack Cooling Towels

YQXCC’s has one of the best cooling towels on the market. They are made of hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material that easily absorbs sweat, keeping you cool throughout even the hottest days. After soaking the towel in water, wring it dry to activate its cooling effect. You can even use this towel for your pets that can’t sweat and cool themselves down naturally to give them instant relief from the heat. This towel can offer instant cooling properties for up to 3 hours, depending on the weather conditions. 

There are no chemicals used in the making of this towel. YQXCC created this product to be multi-use. You can use it for a hot flash, yoga, hiking, the gym, and running. Its wide length allows you to wear it wherever you’d like. Wrap it around your head like a headband. Use it as a neck wrap or wear it as a hat. This allows you to secure it to your body without having to hold onto it while running or doing any form of extreme exercise. You can choose between various color pack combos, and each towel comes in a travel pouch that can be clipped to your bag or waist. The cooling towel’s fabric is made from silky, chemical-free material creating a skin-friendly product that anyone can use. These cooling towels are perfect for camping, traveling, and anyone on the go who doesn’t have much extra storage space. 

Price: $17.99 – $27.99

YQXCC 4-pack cooling towels
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U-Pick 4 Pack Cooling Towel

U-Pick’s cooling towel offers you powerful chemical-free cooling. Like other cooling towels, soaking it in water activates its cooling capabilities. Each towel can cool for up to 3 hours, depending on the weather conditions. The hotter the temperature, the shorter the cooling time the towel will be able to provide. U-Pick designed these cooling towels with super ice hyper-evaporative breathable material. The microfiber towel can be used as a chilly pad and a sweat absorber. The material makes it an excellent towel for athletes as well as anyone who experiences hot flashes

Comfort is important, which is why this towel is made of soft, silky material that offers comfort without weighing you down. The material is very lightweight and can fold it down for easy storage. These cooling towels offer protection for long hikes or periods when you are susceptible to sun exposure. Each towel achieves up to 50 SPF, which can help prevent heat exhaustion and extreme sunburns. You can machine wash these towels to keep them fresh and clean, allowing them to naturally air dry. There are various color combinations for anyone needing cooling towels for a group. Color options make it easy to color coordinate a towel for each person. They also come in a handy carrying pouch for easy access, making them the perfect travel companion. 

Price: $12.99 – $14.99

Upick 4 pack cooling towels
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YQXCC 3 Pack Cooling Towels

YQXCC takes another spot on the best cooling towels for the outdoors. They offer a three-pack bundle of their amazing microfiber towel this time. These towels create extreme absorption power that can be useful for hot, sweaty days. The breathable mesh material is very lightweight and allows you to shape and transform it to fit your needs. Whether you wish to wear it on your wrist, head, or neck, its length will enable you to do so quickly. You can also use this towel for your pets when they want to lay out under the sun on those long days. Simply soak the towel, wring it out and lay it across their body. Cooling towels will help your pet stay cool for long periods. Each towel can provide a cooling sensation for up to three hours. 

If you are an athlete, do yoga, or plan on spending time at an outdoor event, this towel is great for keeping you dry while also helping you cool down. YQXCC’s cooling towel contains a soft silk material that provides comfort and prevents irritation after wearing it for long periods. They stand firm behind this fantastic product and will even offer you a full refund if you are unhappy with this cooling towel. There aren’t any chemicals in this towel, making it safe for all skin types.

Price: $16.99

YQXCC 3 pack cooling towels
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Cool Down With Cooling Towels

Hot summer weather creates plenty of outdoor activities for you to spend outside under the sun. Unfortunately, warm weather increases the risk of heat exhaustion and harmful sun exposure. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to have some essential items to help ensure your safety. A cooling towel is a great product to bring with you on your summer hikes, during outdoor sporting events, or anytime you know you’ll be outside for an extended period. These towels are easy to use, light-weight, and can be stashed away in any backpack or pouch. Your safety and comfort are essential, and keeping a cooling towel nearby is a great way to make any outdoor activity much more enjoyable.

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