Peter Baker


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Peter Baker has been writing about fitness since 2009. He has a bibliography consisting of dozens of articles, and has also co-written two books on nutrition. Peter started lifting weights in 2005 and never stopped, and he turned the love of exercise into his own online personal training business and has worked with hundreds of clients during that time.


  • Co-wrote and published The Complete Contest Prep Guide in 2018
  • Co-wrote and published Fat Loss Forever in 2019
  • Spoke at the Stronger Together fitness conference in late 2019


Prior to writing for Fitness Corner, Peter owned a training business and co-wrote two books on nutrition, one of which is geared towards competitive bodybuilders and the other for general fat loss. In addition to that, he authored dozens of articles on various websites and provided consultations to other fitness professionals.


Peter graduated from The University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida with a BA in religious studies.

Expertise: B.A. religious studies

Education: University of South Florida Tampa

Location: Seattle, Washington

Title: Writer