Kelly Yurecko


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Kelly is a nutritional therapist and fitness professional who loves to share her passion for health and wellness with others.


  • Kelly published several ebooks related to health, nutrition, and natural remedies.
  • She has over eight years of experience writing web content related to health and nutrition for various companies and publications.
  • Kelly has 30+ years of experience as a professional educator.


Combining research with real-life application, Kelly's bumps, bruises, and healthy food fails turned into practical experiences she shares with others looking to improve their health. With life-changing ventures like martial arts, marathons, and strength training certification, Kelly believes that applicable health and fitness form the foundation for a good life. She commits to living this truth to inspire others to transform themselves, one positive action at a time. A busy mom of three children, she enjoys turning theory into practice by looking for alternative ways to manage chronic family health conditions. She commits to daily research on various health and wellness topics to find secrets to ultimate health and vitality.


Northwestern University, B.S. Education Lesley University, B.A. Curriculum and Instruction

Expertise: Curriculum and Instruction

Education: Northwestern University and Lesley University

Location: Pengilly, MN

Title: Writer